Instant punishment

The world became a game.
Or at least, it behaved, and functioned like a game.
Monsters appeared, and killing them gained experience points.
Levelling up, one would acquire skills, status points or even items.
It was chaotic.
It turned for the worse when in an obvious manner, we found out that killing each other also gave exp.
But I had no fears.
The class I awakened was that of a Blood Mage.
I could control my blood, and that of others later on.
This made me into quite a frightening foe, and an amazing tamer, since I could induce surges into the beasts blood, which could facilitate an easier evolution to them.
Long story short, beasts and monsters evolved through strengthening their bodies, and blood, and my power was perfect as a support for them, thus many were willing to follow me.
And not only that, but I had my wife with me, such a great thing, we were partners, growing together…almost literally at this point.
We fought and rose in levels, in ranks, but so did the others, and so did the monsters.
We had way too many close shaves.
Way too many times have we looked death into the eyes.
And now, once more…
We are fighting a demigod.
A monster who surpassed the limits put on the entire planet…
Basically, we were fighting a monster amongst monsters…
We were also close to that level, but even so, we were overwhelmed.
Trading blow for blow, the battle was just a game for the demigod.
It was a tortoise turned humanoid after ascending, and he was simply tempering his body with our attacks.
It was simply demeaning.
We were racking up wounds, breaking our limits…it was not worth it…
I just wanted to retreat, to say something, when a spear stabbed me.
It was my wife’s weapon.
She…turned on me.
I murmured, as I started to cough.
She just looked at me, without an ounce of emotion on her face.
Soon, a light surrounded her, and she started to laugh.
“Finally! I am a demigod as well!”
She exclaimed, as I still hung on her spear.
“Darling, would you stop yanking the goddamn spear…”
I said, whispering.
“You are still alive?
But I got the exp. …”
She said.
“We discussed this but seriously…
Killing me?…”
I laughed, coughing up blood.
“So what? It’s kill or be killed.”
She shrugged.
“The decades of our life…meant nothing?”
I asked.
Instant answer.
I sighed.
The demigod we have been fighting snorted.
“Lord Rafael, shall I end this insolent being?”
He asked.
I shook my head.
My wife took a step back.
“What’s…what’s going on?”
She asked.
“Well, I am not dead for you crushed my heart, but I don’t really need it to be alive.
Secondly, torty here is one of the pets we raised, not nice of you to forget him.”
I said, pulling her spear out of my chest.
she stuttered.
“Yes, I have been a demigod for a while now.
Well, with powers like mine, it’s usually easy to climb, I just needed to practice.
Several of the newly ascended demigods, are people I helped to ascend.”
I said.
“People?! People! There you go again, calling monsters people!”
She shouted, hysterically.
“They are. In some aspects…they are better.”
I said, as the blood spilled started to float.
“What are you doing..
Husband…don’t …don’t be rash…”
Eleanor started.
“It’s killed or be killed, but I love…I still love you.
So, instant punishment, you shall be sealed for a while.
At least you get to stabilise your powers…bye!”
I said, turning around to leave.
My blood, surrounded her, and encased her in a bloody cocoon, filled with runes.
It will take a decade or so for the seal to weaken, but she might get free sooner…
This didn’t go as planned…
I wanted torty to force her a bit, to help her ascend…who would’ve thought…
Laughing, I think to myself what I said to her…
Instant punishment…for her stabbing me…or for me not telling her about my powers…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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