Clingy demon

I was once again called personally for an exorcism.
This job is pretty tiring.
Especially since being a woman, people always think I am just an assistant, and are looking and waiting for a priest to appear.
Thankfully, back in Vatican there were plenty “nuns” who were training to be exorcists.
It’s quite a sad thing actually, since the church let us in easily because there is a dire need of such an occupation.
After all, demonic possession increased this last decade for a reason or another.
Going towards yet another beautiful, yet ghostly mansion, on yet another beautiful, yet hidden and vast estate, I felt…bored.
Yes, bored.
It was always the same.
I go in, and there are two scenarios.
The first one, the relatively “good” one, where the victim is more of a patient, than a victim, and no demonic possession truly takes place.
That’s the case where I try to reason with the parents, and if that does not work, I do a “Ritual”, before leaving, and calling some friends from the government to take the case.
The second scenario, the bad one, is where a demon truly possessed someone, but it’s usually a lower demon, taking advantage of a momentarily weakness in someone’s mental state…
A ritual, a bit of chanting (not in Latin…well, not only in Latin), a bit of clover, primrose, verbena mixture burning, a bit of pss-pss with holy water, and the demons usually leave the vessel.
Then, I have to stay a few days to weeks with the person to coach them how to deal with the return of the demon. (they return, with whispers, shadows, hallucinations, but they always try to get back here.)
Why do they love it here?
I don’t know.
I guess, this hellhole is better than the literal hell.
Entering the mansion, the butler took my coat, and the Lord of the estate waited for me nervously.
“It is my wife, Charlotte…
She’s been behaving strangely.
Random giggles, movements, unearthly strength, and…”
He started.
“And what?
You can tell me whatever you want, I  heard it all.”
I said, preparing my talismans.
“And extremely…amorous.”
He said.
I frowned.
“Did she try to lick you left, and only left ear?
Also, is she tracing your artery ?
And maybe, she has taken a keen interest in see-through dresses, especially of violet and royal blue colour?”
I asked.
“How…How do you…Oh no! Then she is truly possessed!”
He exclaimed, terrified.
I sighed.
“Relax, I know of her situation, everything will be alright.”
I said, entering the room, where the victim waited me.
I closed the door behind me, with clear instructions to the Lord not to enter, whatever he might hear.
The room was orderly, yet chaotic, with many dresses, and mirrors spread across the humongous room.
This is why I hated mansions…so much space…
The woman in question, was standing in front of a mirror, admiring herself, naked.
She was tall, with pale skin, probably even paler ever since the problems started.
Her auburn air cascaded down onto the floor.
When she heard me, she turned around, her blue eyes sparkling with life…and lust.
Her small red lips curled into a smile.
She shouted, as she ran towards me.
I evaded her, causing her to crash into the door…not that it hurt her.
For the demon inside her was a Prince of Hell, Asmodeus of Lust.
“How clingy can you be?
We broke up, I exorcised you, again and again.
Leave it be!”
I said, sighing.
“But wifey!
I truly love you!
I barely touched a hundred man and women since I got to know you!”
She said, grabbing at my sleeves, with teary eyes.
I snorted.
That didn’t warm my heart at all, alas, Asmodeus is a demon of lust, barely a hundred is nothing in their eyes…
Taking out an empty grimoire, I engraved with my own blood, I sighed.
“Here, enter this grimoire.
I will allow you to be with me…in a spiritual form.”
I said, throwing the grimoire next to the woman.
I have a chance? We have a chance?”~
She asked.
“Only if you stop destroying other people’s life.”
I said, massaging my temples.
She smiled, and started frothing.
An almost visible figure passed through her, into the grimoire.
The pages of the grimoire quickl filled with arcane writings, symbols, and on its cover a figure could be now seen.
“Let’s go! I want to see Mr. Fluffy, I miss that cat!”
Asmodeus said, talking about my cat.
I nodded, but not before taking the Lord’s wife to her bed.
Leaving the room, I smiled.
“Lord, she’s all well, here are the instructions on how to cleanse her body and mind, but there shouldn’t be lasting problems.”
I said, handing him some papers.
“And the demon…the demon will not come back, right?”
He asked.
Taking a glance at the grimoire hanging on my waist, I smiled.
“I assure you, the demon won’t come back.”
I said, leaving.
In my car, Asmodeus started reciting me poetry, and talking about the great romantic spots they know all over the world.
I laughed.
“Clingy demon…”
I murmured, driving away.
I knew not how to deal with a Prince of Hell completely, and if all I need to do is listen to them, to save others…I shall do so…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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