Unexpected Call

I am used to prank calls, and even more used to calls for help.
For sadly, I am a fool.
And at that, a superhero of a fool.
I kind of made my number (superhero number, not real identity number), public, and if someone is in danger, they can call me.
Over the years, I got calls to save cats from trees, help elderly people out with groceries, or their taxes, basic stuff you know?
But I also got to save people from fires, collapsed buildings, stop villains, and many more.
Yet, with such a variety of calls, today was the first time I got a call from a very strange, yet familiar place.
The prison.
Well, I do get calls from there, but usually to curse me, and blame me.
But this time…it was a plea for help.
So obviously, I went to visit the one who called me.
A villain, whom I personally sent there.
The cell he was kept in was made out of space metals we have yet to name, it was the only metal he couldn’t affect with his gravity powers.
Now that I think about it, he could be considered a nemesis of mine.
Reaching his cell, I sat down on a chair, where his pale, worried face greeted me.
“Arthur Wesola, long time no see.”
I said, smiling.
“Indeed. Since the time I tried to flatten that mountain into a diamond, and you stopped me.”
He said.
“Well, doing so you would have killed hundreds of millions of animals, insects, and would have caused irreversible damage to the towns nearby.”
I said.
“That doesn’t matter now, there is something I need your help with.”
He said.
“I won’t do anything illegal, I hope you are aware of that.”
I stated.
“For fucks sake, you think I am retarded or something?
Asking one of the most idiotically righteous individuals on this goddamn planet, or even in this galaxy to do something shady?
No, I am not, I need your help saving someone!”
He exclaimed.
“you? Wanting to save someone?”
I asked.
“Did I stutter?
Remember my record, you buffoon! Upsetting the economy, the market, due to unearthing too many riches from deep underground or from deep space!
I may have no remorse in using others, and even letting them lose their lives in order for me to get to my goal, but I never actively hurt someone!”
He shouted.
I nodded, he was an asshole, and a dangerous individual, but he never was a violent fella.
“So, who do I need to save?”
I asked.
He smiled, turned around and pushed a bunch of pictures, and papers to the walls of the cell.
“My daughter! My most precious gem! She has never missed a visit for the past five years, and now she missed two weeks consecutively!
Something happened to her!”
He cried out.
I stood up.
“On it.”
I said, leaving.
“Thank you…”
He whispered.
I didn’t look back, I had no reason to do so.
It wasn’t my first job, and if it comes to a day I can’t recognise the worry and despair of a parent for their child, is the day I need to retire.
It took me weeks, and indeed, the lass was kidnapped, for she had the same knack at finding treasures as her father.
Some people found it attractive, and forced her down in some mines…
These people…some worked for some countries…
I saved her, and brought her to the prison…
The joy on Arthur’s face was palpable, and even the power inhibitor couldn’t stop his powers surging a bit when he saw his daughter.
This unexpected call let me learn and see this one more time: villains are humans as well…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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