Garden of ceasefire

I was enjoying my morning tea, while basking in the early sunlight, gazing out of my window.
My garden stretched gloriously for as long as one could see, filled with beautiful star grass, flowers of unbelievable beauty, and the trees.
I loved my trees.
They provided shade, shelter, and so much fruits.
I loved my garden.
I worked on it for centuries.
So, I hope anyone could understand that it irks me, that people always gather in my garden!
Like seriously, I said nothing a few centuries back, when two idiots, ahem, realm lords have fought their way into it.
Mistakes happen.
That’s life, can’t complain.
They immediately stopped fighting as well, so that’s bonus points, for they harmed nothing (not that they could), and they bartered a truce, with me and ol’ Blackie (my guard dog), as witnesses.
Then life was good for couple years…
Before it all started…
Whenever anyone, and I really mean, ANYONE, be it humans, dwarves, dragons, elves, goblins, eldritch beings, cosmic beings, gods, devils, demons, ghosts, whatever beings started wars, they almost always end up here, if they can’t win in a couple hundred years…
It’s so damn annoying…
I am enjoying a short nap, bam, I got myself a huge human, and a dragon standing in the middle of my garden, with Blackie between them, waiting for me…
And then, long discussion that I don’t give a crap about ensue.
“How should we deal with this?”
“The bloodshed must stop?”
“We won’t give up this, that”
They all know, or at least come to the conclusion that the bloodshed is useless…
Yet they all wage wars where millions die.
How utterly idiotic.
Since they are eyed by others in the darkness, since they themselves aren’t that different in power…
Wars and fight are goddamn pointless.
It would be easier for them to compete non-violently.
Alas, they never listen.
And thus, they come and come, and come…
Well, I am not evil, so I guess this is better than the alternative of having one side being completely exterminated.
But still..
I can’t enjoy my own fruits of my labour, my beautiful garden, for it is always booked by someone..
They are almost worshipping this place…
So damn annoying.
They were even gutsy enough to give it a name.
Hah, they don’t even know I already named it “Garden of Peace”, and they named it “Garden of Ceasefire.”..
Well, I named it peace, because that was what I longed for…
And ceasefire and peace are related…
Oh well, since I can nap for centuries between being awaken by them, I guess I will allow it…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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