She’s my kid?

I stood there, with the folder opened in front of me.
There, I saw pictures of a girl once I dated.
Well, it was more than dated.
She was the love of my life, I proposed she said maybe, and we parted ways, for our goals were different.
Then…she disappeared.
And now…
I looked at the people sitting in front of me.
A middle-aged woman that was a lawyer representing the government, and the girl’s last wishes…
And next to her sat a little girl, maybe five or six years old…
Just right to be mine…
She was a pure vampire.
I saw her on the TV…she had the purest bloodline in the recent centuries…
“And you say…Evelyn is dead?”
I asked.
At this the little girl flinched.
I said.
She just pouted.
“Yes, Sir Monteloro,  after transforming into a vampire, she joined their society.
And sadly, a rebel group whom hates the alliance of the humans with the night dwellers attacked her while she was asleep.”
The lawyer stated.
“And she’s my kid?”
I asked.
“Yes, Astoria is your biological daughter.
We have already confirmed it with a sample you have left, when you were looking for your true lineage.
But we can redo it, if you wish to.”
She said.
“No…it’s not necessary…”
I said.
For I could see, she had the obvious vampire traits, pale skin, red eyes, small fangs, and raven hair, but her ears, her nose…it was just like how I was as a kid.
Her smile on the other hand, I managed to see when I brought out some cookies at the beginning…
Her smile is like her mother’s…
“But she’s a pure blooded vampire…a rarity even in their community…”
I murmured.
“Yes, indeed, and the community is willing to support her upbringing, and your lifestyle as well.
Madam Ravon wanted to transform into a vampire, because she found out that her ancestry leads back to one of the prominent ancient vampire families.”
The lawyer said.
I nodded, I knew it…this was the reason we didn’t…we didn’t stay together.
“And little Astoria suffered what is called an atavism, a re-activation or reappearance of genes long lost for generations.
She’s now the sole representative of the ancient LeRovan vampire noble family, whom actually are said to have been relatives of the royal vampire family.”
The lawyer said.
I nodded.
After signing all the paper, and the lawyer have left, I looked at the packet of blood, that I gave to Astoria.
She shyly took it, and started drinking the blood.
I gently patted her head, as she slowly relaxed, no longer stiff and so far away from me.
I could innately sense a closeness with her…
She’s my kid…
And if I have to work together with vampires to raise her well…so be it…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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