My cat hates the Abyss

Do you know about that little saying “If you stare long into the Abyss, it will stare back at you.”?
Well I did it.
I stared into that deep darkness, well, I personally feel it’s more of nothing and something at the same time, rather than simple darkness, but that’s only a personal opinion.
That’s not the point.
The point is, I stared into it long enough, for something to stare back at me from it.
Oh, there is no need for pity, feeling sorry, or worry for me.
It’s nothing cosmic, nothing Lovecraftian, nothing maddening.
It’s just something pops up in the corner of my eye from time to time, and does feats that defy the laws of physics.
If that description reminds you of something, you are goddamn right.
My cat, whom I really love, is offended that something tries to replace it.
The shenanigans ensuing ever since I stared into the Abyss are endless.
You know, the usual cat things?
Swiping, hissing at empty air?
Jumping and avoiding certain spots?
Jumping at empty spots?
Pushing stuff off furniture?
Scratching the doors, the wall, the furniture?
Yeah, my cat did all this, but this time, it wasn’t aimed at “nothing”.
It was aimed at something blurry, that I could see only in the corner of my eye.
But it was there.
And oh god, the most interesting part?
The goddamn cat was winning.
The blurry thingy was appearing and disappearing randomly, but Atlas (yes, that’s how I named my cat), was on it.
The thingy had no way to escape.
It was chased all around by my cat, for weeks, months, and then it simply disappeared.
No more darkened figures in the corner of my eyes.
No more random shivers.
No more movement.
Well, not from the Abyss, at the very least.
For my cat was still there, behaving as he usually did.
But from time to time, the feeling of being watched comes back.
And then, the mayhem ensues once more.
But nonetheless, each time, Atlas is triumphant.
And oh, how he waltzes with even more pride and nonchalant behaviour than before.
It’s like he’s saying: “Human, bow before me, for I showed that thing its true place. Beneath my paws. Ha-ha!”
I can’t emphasise it enough.
My cat hates the Abyss, and wins against it.
This reminds me of the stories about how cats see more than we can.
I start to wonder, how many times did Atlas shoo away something…supernatural?

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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