The Hero is a living being as well

It was a slow day at the restaurant, so I took it easy.
After cooking a large pot of something, not like the folk around here are picky, I kept it warm, and went out in front, cleaning, and chatting with my daughter.
Slowly but surely, the regulars came in, but it was still a slow day, thanks to the weather, thanks to the season, and thanks to the fact that many celebrated at home or at the capital.
What did they celebrate?
Well, the Hero defeated the demon armies and the demon king all alone.
Stories talk about how aloof, cold, and unfeeling this hero is, but I call bullshit.
Theoretically he is also a living being like the rest of us, even if he was found to be an half-elf.
Raised by the Church must have been quite hard for the poor fella.
But I do admire him.
Now, at the very least, I know my husband can hunt simple beasts, and clear dungeons without the fear of the demon-kin interfering.
As I was bringing out another order, and listening to all the folks still yapping about the Hero and his adventures, a shorty entered my restaurant, sitting down at a corner table.
“Hello sweetie, how’s your day going?”
I said, walking up to him.
I will…I will have some soup, and w-whatever you have for the main dish.”
He stuttered.
I giggled.
“Sure sweetie, will do.
Elise! Bring this cutie a glass of water!”
I said, before shouting for my daughter.
This shorty reminded me of my eldest son when he was but a snot-filled brat.
After getting his order ready, I personally brought it to his table, where Elise was “talking” to him.
Well, talking is much said, as she was chirping away as she usually does, as the customer with his hoodie still over his head just listened.
I walked up to the table, and pushed my daughter away.
“Okay Elise, enough with your chirping, go back and start peeling some vegetables and potatoes, we will need it for the evening.”
I said.
Elise smiled, but pinched my side as she left.
“Sweetie, here is your vegetables soup, and rice with mountain boar beef.”
I said.
He murmured a thanks, but I was nosy, bored, and the regulars were all served at this point, so I sat down in front of him.
He said nothing, but slowly took of his hood.
He was a half-elf, not that I cared.
“You are even cuter, and younger than I thought.
Walking all alone, tsk-tsk, kids these day, so brave.”
I said, marvelling at his cute face, that seemed to still have traces of baby fat.
He stared at me for a bit, then without answering he continued eating, albeit his face was a bit flushed.
I didn’t say a thing either.
Since my hubby and eldest are always away, just watching at his cute face makes my day better, and my shoulders lighter.
Then, with a violent grab, someone opened the door, and I thought I will need to get my old trusty pan to dish out some “lessons”.
But no, as soon as those two idiots came in, they kneeled in front of the sweet pie of a half-elf kid.
“Sir Hero, finally we found you!
The fief given to you is a bit further away, and we were instructed to guide you there.”
One of them said.
“Please, instruct us as you feel it’s needed!”
The other one continued.
“Leave, and book rooms for us at the inn.”
The cutie said, this time his voice was steely.
The restaurant was ablaze with murmurs, but a glance from me, and the regulars knew better than to keep it up.
A while later, the atmosphere calmed down, and I continued looking at the kid.
“Say, sweetie, you aren’t more than 20 or 30 years old, right?”
I asked.
He nodded.
I sighed.
I patted his head, surprising him.
“What are those old geezers thinking?
Putting such a weight on a kid’s shoulders?”
I said.
“Well, I am the hero, I had to do it.”
He said, smiling wryly.
“So what?
Hero or not, you are still a kid.”
I said, standing up, and leaving.
He froze, and said nothing, and was in the same position when I came back with a slice of cake.
“Take it, it’s on the house.”
I said, smiling.
The great oh so magnificent Hero, almost sobbed, tearing up, and thanking me in a mosquito voice.
I laughed and ruffled his hair.
Hero my ass.
He is also a living being as well, and a kid at that too.
Seeing how quickly he teared up, I guess rarely is he treated as a child in a positive manner…
It’s sad that it comes to such youths to save us…but this is how our world works…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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