Just doing my job

Being Death, I have to wander, all the time, all the times, all the places at the same.
It’s a job like all the others, albeit I have no time for holidays.
Thankfully, I have been literally made for it, so it comes naturally to me.
During the eons I have been fulfilling my role, I learnt how to tune out the voice of the mortals.
It is cold, and one might say cruel, but it’s not my wish to act like this.
I am there, for everyone’s last moment.
Be it mortal or immortal, for most beings that breath and exist have a time of me.
I am there, for going alone into the afterlife, the unknown, is terrifying.
One might say I am a hypocrite.
I am Death, how could I know how terrifying death, and the unknown could be.
But I know.
For I am walking those dark lands, and I call those dark lands “Home”.
I cherish, and try to calm the mortals in their last moments, but I wait for no response.
For it’s mostly the same thing.
It is rare for someone to be truly endless, for the universe itself has a me day scheduled, well a possible death day, for if it goes through it will be reborn.
But all those cries, curses, all those grief stricken sobs don’t bother me.
It’s sad, but I have come to terms with my status.
But there is something that is hard to accept.
The pets’ cries, and marvelling, and confusion.
Oh Almighty Laws that govern everything in existence and non-existence, how painful is the purr of a cat whose nudging their owners’ body.
And then they look up, and slightly sense their owner’s soul and me.
And suddenly, the owner is no longer a selfish mortal, begging for more, but a loving mortal filled with warmth, looking down on that petite existence, smiling, and reassuring it that everything will be okay.
How could I ignore that?
How could I ignore love, and care, from souls so pure, so simple, like pets?
At my doors, in the realm of nothingness, the bridge between existence and non-existence, there are countless divine beasts, slowly creating a realm of their own.
Many great beings of whom even I have to take notice of have speculated for the reason of such an event.
From godly treasures, to secret realms, to maybe the secret to true eternal life, everything was postulated.
But the truth is something so much simpler, and so much crueller.
These divine beasts, each with a lifespan as long as the world that birthed them or more, are here to mourn.
They come here to mourn their masters, their friends, their “parents”.
I can tune out the voice of mortals and immortals alike at this point.
But the voice of the pets always gets pass my barriers.
The pets have no hidden emotions in their grief.
No fear of not surviving, no fear of the future, no fear of the unknown.
They only have worry in their grief.
What happened to the being that used to smile at them, love them, feed them?
I can hear their thoughts, and feel them.
Even after all these eons, it is still hard to do so.
But alas, I am just doing my job.
And that’s what I tell myself, and to them.
No promises made, no promises broken, for one’s life decides one’s death.
I am sure mortals and immortals alike have seen pets hissing, growling, and jumping at nothing.
They are not foolish or just playing around.
They sensed me walking by, and their instincts kicked in.
They are protecting thy houses with their acts, but again…
I am just doing my job, if it wouldn’t be me, it would be someone else coming by…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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