Tempting Fate?…No, I call this flirting

I was faced with my best friend, as she tried to convince me not to do what I was about to do.
“Come on! Are you serious now?”
She exclaimed, blocking the exit.
“Look, it’s just a ball, you know?
I will dance, mingle around, maybe meet a handsome fella, the usual.”
I shrugged, trying to get pass her but I couldn’t.
She was petite, my friend that is.
A small ball of cuteness, with golden locks of hair cascading down her shoulders, with beautiful sky blue eyes.
Her small mouth was pouting, and I was tempted to kiss her.
She wore but an oversized hoodie, trying to stop me leave our house.
“Stop it, Victoria.
I know you like danger, but this? This is madness.
It is as if you are trying to dance with the devil in the moonlight!”
She shouted.
As I watched her antics, I thought that I could totally just take her, and put her up on the wardrobe, I would take her down when I come home, but I didn’t want to ruin my dress.
I…I was “blessed” with a woman’s curse: a good body.
I was tall, with royal blue long hair, though I tinged it with some silver here and there.
I had the right curves everywhere, sometimes I thought they were too much, but for what I wanted, they were the perfect “weapon”.
Coupled with this blood red dress, with an open back, and a cleavage that even I almost find dangerous.
But it was worth it.
For I wanted freedom.
And in this world of kings and emperors, monsters and demons both in the light and shadow, that freedom could be gained by a woman like me only by enchanting a fool.
A fool, who was foolish enough to give me the freedom I wanted.
Of course, I could try some magic on my own, but alas, all my blessings went into my looks.
I had an affinity with charms and illusions, with alchemy a bit, but that was it.
I could do a lot of damage, but I could never kill, for one’s instincts always broke my illusions if they got too dangerous.
I looked at my best friend, Emily, still chirping away.
I chuckled, pinching her cheeks.
“I tried, Mon Amie, I tried dancing with him, but he said he was busy.”
I said, planting a peck on her lips, stunning her.
I carefully pushed her a bit away.
“Victoria…they are nobles, both human and…otherwise…
Maybe even the Devil will be there…
I am not joking, please don’t go.”
She said, as she carefully touched her own lips.
I smirked.
“Sweet right?
Well, jokes aside, I am serious.
I want to go there, I want to find a fool, get married, then leave my life travelling the world, finding plants, animals, and bringing them back.
For that purpose, I need a personal garden, and zoo, and for that, I need a rich fool, not a simple one.
And if I do meet the Devil, I will give him an earful.
How dare he give me the cold shoulder treatment?”
I harrumphed, opening the door.
“Victoria…you are tempting fate.”
Emily said.
“Tempting fate?
No, my dear pumpkin, I am not tempting it, I am flirting with it.”
I giggled, leaving.
My dress flowed after me, as I stepped on the golden cloud sent by the organisers of this ball.
Living in such a world was often a bliss, that is if you had met the right conditions.
And the only condition I met was the standard of my beauty, and damned will I be if I won’t use it to the max.
Many call me names because of my behaviour, but I have yet to let anyone taste my sweet nectar, despite being over 20.
As I told Emily, this is not tempting Fate, no, it is called flirting, and I mastered it since I was a little girl on the streets…begging…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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