Don’t underestimate the predecessor

The world was old and new at the same time, for change never stopped.
And in an ever-changing world, danger was always accompanied by opportunity and vice-versa.
No mortal creature was able to free themselves from this cycle, for their desire to achieve something more than just “existing” was ingrained deep into their soul.
Thus, as the world changed, so did the mortals walking it.
Many worlds evolved in particular ways, and the one that was most common was the world with inhabitants that exhibited super powers.
The law enforcement was exchanged with superheroes, and criminals were named villains.
Quite simple concept, yet made up such a dangerous job.
It was rare for one to make it to old age, and funnily and sadly enough, those who were heroes in their old ages…were mocked.
This is what happened with Marcus, an elderly superhero, whom been working in the capital city of a certain country for more than seven decades.
The young heroes mocked him, for he was always taking care of the errands for the Heroes Organisation.
None have seen him on a mission in the last couple of years.
Some, did pity him, but none respected him.
“How can he still be called a Hero?
Look at him? Dragging himself everywhere, gosh, such an embarrassment.”
One hero said.
“Don’t be like that, he is simply old.
I want to be able to still work like he does at his age.”
Another one chimed in.
“But not as a legitimate hero.”
The first one snorted.
“What can one do?
The council refuses to dismiss him.”
A staff of the Heroes Organisation chimed in.
They usually just ignored him, few rascals only deciding to waste some time by mocking Marcus, and thus they spent their days, weeks, months doing their jobs.
They saved people.
They stopped natural calamities’ consequences.
They stopped criminals, small and big.
But one day, when forces where stretched thin, the villains attacked the city.
The newbies, and not so experienced heroes were all fighting hard, even some civilians with powers joining the fray, but it wasn’t enough.
“We need reinforcements!”
A hero shouted, exchanging blows with a villain.
“I already contacted the Organisation!
They are sending Marcus!”
A newbie shouted back.
Many heroes groaned at this.
“They are sending the geezer?
What is he going to do? Brew them some tea?”
They murmured.
The villains ignored this, for the weren’t from this parts, they didn’t know about Marcus’ “fame”.
And indeed he came.
Slowly he walked onto the battlefield, yet he appeared but a few moments after the call has been given.
“Hello, kids, is this the problem that needs to be deal with?”
Marcus asked, smiling warmly upon the struggling heroes.
“Geezer, run away!
You will just waste your life!”
The heroes shouted, starting to struggle even more against the great number of enemies.
Despite being mean to Marcus, and despite mocking him, the heroes weren’t evil, they didn’t wish to see the old man dying.
“Hoho, so kind.”
Marcus laughed.
The villains smirked at this, directing their attacks at Marcus.
“Young ones, you shouldn’t do that.”
Marcus said, as the attacks all veered off at the last moment.
Everybody watched amazed as all attacks simply missed, even wide area ones.
“What is happening?”
A hero mumbled.
“Those who do evil, shall suffer retribution, don’t you know, little ones?”
Marcus shook his head.
The villains wanted to laughed, but suddenly they were all filled with dread.
The heroes whom fought with them, suddenly saw the villains full of openings, and mistakes.
Thus, the villains were quickly handled afterwards.
“All done, younglings?
Be good, and stay safe, I have flowers to water!”
Marcus chuckled, leaving.
As the heroes started to herd the huge crowd of villains tied up, they felt safe…
“Is his power…”
A newbie murmured, but he was stopped by another hero.
“Who knows the conditions to it, maybe we shouldn’t speak about it…
But damn…he’s amazing.”
He said.
This day, the heroes and villains alike learnt a thing: don’t underestimate your predecessor, for they might know a thing or two you don’t…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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