Born out of impossible love

When I hatched out of my egg, I felt…free and so, so goddamn weak, and vulnerable.
I shivered in the light warm breeze, and I devoured the golden, scaly eggshells as if it was Celestial manna.
After I ate the shells, I felt better, and sleepy, so I went to sleep.
I couldn’t have slept for long, for I felt myself being pushed by the strong winds.
I yelped, and ran, trying to find shelter.
I gnawed my way inside a tree, and fell asleep, exhausted, and afraid.
The next time I awoke, I was stuck…
It seemed that I grew in my sleep, and I grew exponentially, while new memories popped into my mind.
I knew of parents, and I tell you, I so wanted to meet them.
So I broke out of the tree, toppling it over with my movement, and started to shout.
Well, my shouts must have been really amusing, or childish, for I invited dozen or so enemies over me.
I had to run, and oh, how I ran.
They simply couldn’t reach me.
And then, an anger took a hold of me.
I wanted to never feel this way, it was wrong, I was not to be hunted…I was to hunt.
So I started.
I hunted small and big prey, often fighting until I barely could walk anymore, but even then, I would drag by bloodied body, and start gnawing on the enemy I felled.
The more I ate, the more I grew, and the more I grew, the more memories popped out.
I never forgot to search for my family, but I simply couldn’t find them.
By the time I was the largest being in the area I was hatched, I finally got to know my heritage.
My mom, was a huge scaly being, which I later learnt was a dragon.
My father on the other hand was a big golden bird…which later I learnt was a kun-peng…a natural predator of dragons.
By that time, I had my own mind, and laughed.
It was weird.
Being the offspring of prey and predator alike?
No wonder I had feathers on my wings, and not scales.
And no wonder I had such an appetite and such a speed, in my memories adult kun-pengs had to eat a dragon a week to stay satiated.
And knowing that my mother was like a small mountain, I gathered that most dragons weigh a lot.
I continued my habits, albeit much more carefully.
Decades passed, and I became able to take on a smaller form, which when I finally left the forest and mountains, I learnt it was a humanoid form.
When I entered my first human town, I was hunted, and almost killed, for I didn’t hit my horns, nor my pale golden hued skin tone.
Afterwards, I changed to look like others, and spent my game I hunted on exchanging information, something called “money”, and bought a lot of books.
I needed to learn.
Other great beings attacked me a few times.
Wyverns, mountain gods, evil demons, and other dragons, but I always triumphed.
They foolishly focused on my wings, for there I had no scales, but the golden feathers of my wings, were just as hard if not harder.
I could always trick them like that.
My breath was poisonous, and my feathers could be sent out as projectiles.
My speed was always top-notch, and ever since my 5th decade, I had a taste for stone, and ores as well, so my body was tough just as them.
And now, almost at a century old, here I am, finally having a meeting with one of my parents: my mother.
She was in her humanoid form as well, tall, spring green haired, a beauty, and still young looking, but her eyes were all red and puffy, from the sobbing she has been doing.
Guilt was everpresent on her face and in her voice.
“Okay, mom, you can stop crying.
I don’t blame you, I already told you that.”
I said, trying to calm her down.
“But your life…
So hard…
And I never been there for you…”
She sobbed.
“Look, when my memories came to me, I knew my life won’t be easy.
Born out of an impossible love, what could I expect?”
I chuckled.
She finally smiled.
“Yes, after our families found out, we were hunted…
Your father was thrown into an abyss, as a punishment, while I was on the run for all these years.”
My mom said.
“Well, I might head to the old man’s place in a few years, see what he’s doing.”
I said.
“It’s dangerous!”
My mom exclaimed.
“Yeah, for most people.
Not for me.”
I chuckled.
She stopped nagging me, and finally started telling me how she met with my dad…
It was an interesting story, that all started, when dad started to hunt mom…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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