Dealing with my kids’ fate

My wife and I knew from the day our twins were born, that we will have our plates full.
The twins were born with smiles on their beautiful, chubby and red faces, instead of the usual cries.
And oh, their eyes, their eyes were sparkling, with such intelligence, that I wondered if I could get them already to work at the guild, for they would be more useful than some fools there…
But we lived in a world where magic, chaos and gods were rampant so we had to plan ahead.
Thankfully, my wife was a talented seamstress, and I ran a rather above average merchant guild, so we had it good.
Sadly, it wasn’t easy.
At merely 2 years old, both kids were already holding conversations with us.
Thankfully, they weren’t aloof, so we could still cuddle them, and play with them…
I don’t know if my wife could have survived the shock of not being able to play with them.
And obviously, before any recorded occurrence in the last thousand years of the Empire, my little ones at but five years old, started showcasing their abilities.
The girl almost burned our house, when she said the word “fire”, pointing to a candle.
It was quite fortunate that my wife is able to cast some water spells, otherwise, I would have needed to buy a new estate…
And the boy…
My darling knight…
He casually lifted our carriage, because his toy went underneath it…
With one hand, may I add…
I don’t have to tell you about the fact that in that instant I  started to call on some favours, spent some gold, and managed to snatch two tutors for my kids.
That didn’t last too much either.
Even though the tutor for my princess was an archmage, and the tutor for my little knight was a half-step Saint Knight, they both said they had nothing to teach the kids by the age of 12.
At this point, I was greatly worried, and I was combing through the documents of my guild.
I couldn’t let even the slightest mistake to slip through, for it could be used by others to attack us.
And any attack on us would be of a greater impact, for the world itself would want our kids to mature faster.
I couldn’t let that happen.
I would be a failure of a parent if I couldn’t let my kids, be kids.
So I worked extra-hard, and dealt with almost everything on my own.
At 14, I have sent the kids away to the Imperial Academy, there they would be certainly growing by leaps and bounds.
Nonetheless to say, in the four years the kids were at the academy, there have been countless events that almost reaped my wife’s or my life.
Thankfully, we were prepared.
The kids themselves were thrown into many dangerous situations…
And not to our surprise, they made friends with quite the individuals.
They may or may have not saved the Empire a few times, by this point.
And now, at 18, fully adults, they are starting their own adventure, out in the big wide world.
My wife cried when they came home, my son filled with scars, my little darling princess all serious and mature.
We didn’t want them to leave, but we had to let them leave.
It was time they started their own lives.
My wife and I watched them leave, with our backyard filled with weapons we gathered from those whom attacked us these few years.
We were dealing with the kids fate for so long, and we will continue to do so.
We are their parents…we won’t become a burden, nor a fuel for hatred or revenge…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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