Bloody negotiations

Inside a long abandoned hospital, the representative of the council of blood donor organizations, and the representative of the Highborn Vampires Council met.
The weather was suitable and beautiful for such a meeting.
It was mid-October, with a wonderful chilly wind blowing outside, the leaves dancing with its rhythm.
The sky was cloudy, with weak, pale yellowish rays managing to sneak pass them.
They met on the third floor, in the office where the Director of the hospital used to be.
The representative of the human part of this meeting, was a tall, rosy cheeked red-haired woman.
She was beautiful by all means, and one could lose themselves in counting her freckles, or staring deep in her spring green eyes.
She wore a black three-piece suit, with a tie just as red as her hair.
The representative of the vampire part of this meeting, was a tall, lean, ghostly looking silver haired man.
He was handsome, as all Highborn’s are, with deep red eyes, pale blue lips.
He wore also a three-piece suit, but it was pure white, and his tie was darker than the deepest abyss.
“Mademoiselle Isabella, it seems fate smiled upon me once more, and given me the chance to meet you again.”
The vampire lord said, as he bowed, smiled, and took the woman’s hand, kissing it.
“Marquess Ver, the pleasure is all mine.”
The woman said, a smile blossoming on her face.
“I apologise for having you meet me in such a rundown place, alas, my kind has to avoid the sunlight.”
Marquess Ver said.
“That, and we should avoid being seen by anyone.”
Isabella laughed.
The two sat down on chairs already prepared by their servants.
“So, I hear some people are concerned with our blood supplies.”
Marquess Ver said.
“We have been in a partnership for centuries, and now, you started acting all on your own.
We aren’t getting donors as much anymore, and the hospitals have felt this decrease.”
Isabella said.
“Now, now, haven’t we been the ones to start this whole “donor” thing, so that we can get our hands on blood properly and easily?
It’s just nowadays our wealth is even more useful than back in those days, so we took the matter in our hands.”
Marquess Ver said.
Isabella sighed.
“I am glad that even a glass of blood is enough for your kind for days, if not weeks, but you know as well.
If we are not healthy, the blood does more bad than good to you as well.
Please, give back the field of blood donations to us.”
Isabella said.
At this Marquess Ver chuckled.
“My dear Isabella, we didn’t take anything from you.
We have been working closely with you, but the opportunity to do this task of gathering blood ourselves has presented itself, so why not make use of it?”
He said.
“Because you are too susceptible to attacks like this, you moron.”
Isabella sighed, dropping all formalities.
“Come on, I thought we had a better relation than that, oh my, my feelings are now hurt.”
Marques Ver laughed.
“You fool! Some people are fed up with you vampires, and this is the perfect way to unmask you, frame you as bloodthirsty beasts that fool the common populace!”
Isabella shouted.
Marquess Ver smiled.
“So you care about me?”
He teased.
“You think?”
Isabella snorted.
“We Highborn’s all have a special ability, mademoiselle Isabella.
While our house’ ability is to manipulate blood, there are others whom can do things to one’s soul, and mind.
There are more than 30 highborn houses, each with distinct abilities, and then there’s the imperial family.
I have been alive for more than three centuries, and participated in feuds amongst us, amongst vampire houses, against other shadow dwellers, yet none give be the same pressure than the presence of a royal.
Don’t worry about us.”
Marquess Ver laughed.
“You won’t take this seriously, will you?”
Isabella sighed.
“Maybe, if it would come from my marchioness, if you would finally accept my offer.”
Marquess Ver winked.
“Yeah, sure, be the wife of a Highborn, who already has like a hundred concubines.”
Isabella rolled her eyes.
“Yes, but they are but concubines, you would rule over them.
And frankly, not my fault my charm is so irresistible.”
Marquess Ver shrugged.
“Yeah, it’s your charm, not the prospect of never aging and living an eternity.”
Isabella “laughed”.
“But your gift would come from my ancestor, not from me, so you would be a Highborn as me from the moment you transform.
Consider it, Mon Cheri.”
Marquess Ver said, getting closer to Isabella.
She let him, and soon, she was sitting on his lap.
“Isn’t this what we always start doing when we meet?”
Marquess Ver chuckled.
“Flirting? Yes, it is, and I want it to be more…but, first, business issues should be solved.”
Isabella said, denying Marquess Ver the kisses he was seeking.
“Fine, we shall cut back on our actions, 40%, but we want an increase of output from you of at least 20%.”
Marquess Ver said.
Isabella kissed him.
She said, giggling.
“And how about, you becoming my wife?”
Marquess Ver asked, kissing her.
Isabella’s lips were a bit bloody .
She whispered.
The two entwined on the chair, as if trying to melt into one.
The servants brought by the two were bound by ancient contracts, and they wouldn’t say a thing, nor were they surprised, for this wasn’t the first time…

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