Power of Will

Life is wonderful, and life is filled with endless possibilities.
For the optimist, this means that are an infinite ways in which things could go right.
For the pessimist, this means that are an infinite ways in which things could go wrong.
For the realist, this simply means that each day, for each action, for each cause a coin is tossed, and the result might be good or bad.
And for those of different faiths, the endless possibilities mean nothing, for they believe that their course of actions are made to reach a greater end.
Many have stepped onto the path of changing the world, but few succeeded in doing so.
But a man, whom stepped onto this path as a youth, and continues walking upon it even after many decades, managed to change many, yet without wanting to do so.
His life was simple, and his goal even simpler.
Help those whom he can.
He helped farmers with their harvest when they were short of hands.
He helped dig wells in places lacking the manpower to do so.
He hunted for the families that couldn’t do so for themselves.
He taught everywhere he went people how to read, and write, at least on a basic level.
He helped a merchant run his finances for the few months he joined his caravan.
Wherever he went, he helped.
Of course, it wasn’t always easy, for the world wasn’t always peaceful.
For he has been enslaved, and slaved in mines, on farms, in castles and on boats.
For he has been a prisoner of war, tortured, beaten, toyed with.
And yet, not even the cruellest of torturers have ever gone too far.
For it is hard to hit a smiling face, and for it is hard to hit someone still praying for you, even as you hit them.
And this man was dubbed as a Saint by the commoners, nobles, Church and even those individuals hidden in the shadows.
And he continued to walk on.
It was as if his fate, and willpower were more than enough, for he rarely ate too much, and he only drank water.
He lived for more than nine decades, and his last days he was seen simply staring at the cities that developed so much.
“Life is such a blessing…”
He murmured as life was seeping out of him.
Right then, a shower of light appeared in front of him, where a body of light, fire, wind, and all the elements manifested.
“Rejoice, oh Saint, for your life shall be bless…
Wait, what?
I tell him what now?”
The voice started all-holy, and soul shivering, but in the end, it became informal, casual, and slightly…annoyed, and filled with pity.
“Angel, tell me your message, and my next mission.”
The man chuckled.
“You are truly a man of endless faith, we just don’t know in whom or what.
For your life of good deeds, being a resident of the Silver City should’ve been a deal done, but…
Your afterlife shall lead you to Hell, and test your mettle there as well…”
The angel said, aloof once more.
“Ok, send me there.”
The man nodded.
The portal to Hell was opened, and a warm breeze, alongside with an irony smell assaulted the man, whom smilingly stepped on his own into the portal.
The portal closed the moment the man stepped through it.
“That plain is relatively safe, save for the knife leafed trees…
And he went on his own, without a remorse, without a pause.
We might’ve underestimated the willpower of humans…”
The angel said, disappearing…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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