Catching up with the villain

In our world of superheroes, and supernatural beings and events, common criminal acts are seen as something unworthy of notice.
But I beg to differ.
A crime is a crime, and kidnappings aren’t something to scoff at.
A villain, with a peculiar power, unknown to the governments of the world, kidnapped tens of thousands of people during the last few years, a couple each day.
The thing is, the captives have been always released, unharmed by the villain, and much confused about the villain’s actions.
I have been on their tail for all these years, and now, I manage catching up with this famous, yet considered harmless villain!
I was in front of a nice and small cosy looking hut, and upon knocking on it, it opened.
“A guest!”
A cheerful voice assaulted me, as I found myself swept away.
Cinnamon, lemon, apple, hot-chocolate, and many more flavours and fragrances hit me, and when I came to myself, I saw…a feast in front of me.
I was sitting in a comfortable armchair, with a table laid in front of me, filled with snacks, refreshments, and myriad dishes.
A fire was lit in the fireplace, and the room smelled as a heavenly celestial feast.
But this room…seemed bigger on the inside, than what the hut looked from the outside.
“Please, eat, I have countless foods you can not find anywhere on this planet!”
A voice laughed.
Looking to my right, there, on another armchair, said a peculiar woman, the one and only kidnapping villain.
She was tall, with ashen grey skin, golden eyes, and a fiery blood red hair.
She was lean, and wearing tight black and red clothes.
“Is it poisoned?”
I asked.
She visually wilted, her skin getting a shade paler, and she pouted, and whined.
“Why does everyone assume that…
I just want you to taste my cooking…”
She said, fiddling with her fingers.
I don’t know what it was.
The fact that i didn’t eat much for breakfast this day?
The fact that everything, did indeed had a wonderful fragrance and look?
Or the fact that she was so pitiful?
I don’t know, but I tasted a muffin.
And that was it.
I began eating, eating, and drinking, and everything was delicious.
After I finished, a realization hit me.
“So this is why some people said they gained weight…”
I murmured.
“Is it good? Did you like it? Do you want more? Do you want something specific?”
She started, eyes glittering.
She was almost on me…
I wasn’t the strongest superhero, but by no means was I weak.
I was a veteran hero, whom for decades dealt with the acts that the “famous” ones didn’t want to touch.
I can’t remember how many cases I solved, how many gangs, operations have I shut down.
My senses were sharp, and were only getting sharper.
But she…she easily approached me, without me noticing her.
“You…you seem to be strong.
Your cooking is out of this world…
Why on earth would you stoop so low to kidnap innocent citizens?”
I asked.
She murmured something.
“Sorry, I didn’t catch that.”
I said.
“I am lonely…”
She whispered.
That hit hard.
She wasn’t young, but she clearly wasn’t 100% human, at least not anymore.
Powers often changed one’s life completely, and she clearly was someone of a long lifespan.
Due to her looks, she might have been ignored…
“All I wanted is to be a chef…but they say I look sickly…”
She continued.
“I am sorry, and your reason is both pitiful and understandable…
But, it’s still a criminal act, so I will have you stand in front of a court.”
I said.
She just nodded, not resisting at all.
The moment we exited the hut, it shrank, and went to her back pocket.
She looked so…scared, yet…hopeful?
“Don’t worry, none of the people complained about you, in fact, most praised your food.
It is the most confusing case of kidnappings ever seen on the planet, the kidnapped ones being so positive about their captor.”
I said.
“Oh! They loved my food?! I am quite good, aren’t i?”
She giggled, beaming, despite being handcuffed.
I laughed.
I really felt wrong doing this, but the law is law, and I was sure she wouldn’t be convicted.
And she wasn’t.
Condemned to community service for three thousand years, she began wandering the world, cooking at different public kitchens…
I think she charmed the judge and jury as well…
For this…this was like a reward to her, not a punishment.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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