Dragon parents

There are myriad of races out in the world, but few of them are as famous yet as misunderstood as the dragons.
They are beings made of pure energy so concentrated it became matter.
They are virtually immortal, and are beings that can tap into the well of power of the world itself.
Thus, they are immensely powerful.
Due to their power, many feared them, and few tried to understand them, not only that, their power made it so that some greedy beings tried to hunt them, for they must be useful for a thing or another.
But dragons were simple beings.
If nobody messed with them, they were content to live in peace, not even interacting with the other races.
And even those who loved to travel and experience the life of myriad races, were usually friendly.
Few dragons were actually evil, and violent, and those were more than often dealt by the other dragons themselves.
But this story is not about those dragons, but about a pair of dragons who lived in hermitage and stumbled across a baby boy, a human toddler.
There have been no words to describe the joy of the female dragon, whom instantly fell in love with the little bundle of giggles, and warms, them being still childless.
And there have been no words to describe the scene of a male adult dragon being sent flying across dozen mountain peaks, after suggesting that they should drop the toddler at a human settlement.
The female dragon pampered the hell out of the toddler.
She was reading him stories from the ages where mankind have yet to be evolved from beasts, and mammals.
She was teaching him the ancient language of dragons, that could interfere with the workings of the very world around them.
She was giving him relics that could annihilate kingdoms to play in the cradle with.
Magic tomes laid across his room when he was old enough to learn to read.
And overall, she gave everything to him.
Her husband was watching all this with an amused expression, albeit he often chided her for spoiling the kid.
But…he wasn’t better.
He intensified his hunting, and often brought rare herbs, and rare creatures for the boy to eat.
All this, coupled with the inherently rich environment that is caused due to the mere presence of the two dragons, the boy grew fast, and became tall, educated, and strong.
But even if the dragons were very well aware, that compared to human standards, their child was a monster, they didn’t expect what was to come.
On his adulthood ceremony, on the day he turned 16, he was sent to hunt a lesser wyrm.
It was a draconic species, but with the ability to fly, which was swapped by a humongous worm like body, unbelievable ability to dig, devour ores.
Its scales and body was much stronger than iron, and it could be seen as a walking, better said, slithering mountain.
But the boy, simply belched out draconic fire, melting the wyrm’s defences, before entering the beast, and carving out its heart.
The dragon pair looked at this mesmerised.
“Did he just…”
The male mused.
“That’s my boy! That fire was ten percentage as hot as mine!”
The female laughed, flying down, and hurling the boy high above.
The male sighed.
“We raised a miracle…”
He whispered, but joined the celebrations anyway…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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