I am sorry, but we need to disappear

For ages, humanity has sought after unreachable heights, that can not be explained by rationality and science.
Supernatural, the occult, magic, cultivation, legends, myths and many more terms were coined in this search.
There was something that we simply couldn’t stop seeking.
There was just too much pointing towards the existence of something higher, and something unexplainable with our standards.
For how could so many stories of the same nature, following the same steps, having the same endings be present all over the world, in a time where there was certainly no travel on a global level.
Many have theorised the reason for this.
A humongous global civilisation that went extinct due to a reason or another, and the others that came after were inspired by the very same source.
Supernatural beings spreading their faith for unknown reasons, with the same method all over the world.
These two were the two most popular ones, with countless branches and varieties.
But my team and I just found the truth.
It’s actually a combination of both of these scenarios.
Long ago, there were portals that connected our world to many others, but these worlds had one thing in common: they were much more advanced than we were, and are.
Myriad of races lived in similar communities, and all had certain ways of honing themselves.
Due to their environment being much richer than ours, their bodies and capabilities were superior to those of humans, that’s why it seemed like they were deities.
And this rich environment seeped through the portals…
That’s why it seems like ancient humans were able to do things, we can’t even replicate even now, with all our technological advances…
And we…
We found a way to re-open the portals.
And it is a certainty for we have already seen such a portal, and the sights through it, before shutting it down.
I looked at my team.
They were celebrating.
Our discovery was something that overshadowed even Sir Newton’s.
We discovered a way to bring “magic” back.
But I sighed.
“Gentlemen and esteemed ladies…
I am sorry, but we need to disappear.”
I said.
My team stopped in place, and looked at me, before smiling.
“I “died” two years ago.”
One said, and many echoed varied versions of this answer.
“You were already prepared?”
I asked.
“We are all one family here…
And we are each other’s only true family…”
My assistant smiled.
“We need to disappear, but not necessarily, on this planet…”
I mused.
They all smiled.
Indeed, we were family.
And we knew, what will occur, once we actually open all the portals.
All that mayhem, and violence and rush for riches.
We know, our society is not yet ready.
But one day…
One day, we shall appear once more…
With that, the portal we had flickered, and we all left…
For our lives were for this research and this research only dedicated, and we shall see it to its end…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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