False Salvation

They descended from the skies, like weightless feathers in a gentle breeze.
They seemed to be beings of light, of warmth, and of love.
They looked human, but were taller, with much more defined features, and overall…simply inhumanly beautiful.
They said they came to spread the teaching of that whom they serve.
At that moment, I panicked, for I heard the way they expressed their goals.
But nobody listened to my warnings.
I was called a fool, a fearmonger, another false doomsayer, a crazy man.
And why would they listen to me?
These beings healed the ill and the broken.
Healed our lands, and spread teaching on how to be healthier, happier, more efficient.
I started to doubt my instincts as well.
But then, they started to get more into detail about what it meant to be happy.
Extreme freedom, and following of ones wishes.
As a theological scholar I already had my doubts about their true leader, but then, I saw what their teaching led to.
At first, I expected the same as any other soul.
A utopia.
No diseases, no problems, and the world being close to each other, not trying to scheme as the supernatural beings were against such actions.
Such advancements, such breakthrough should be now forthcoming that our mind shouldn’t be able to comprehend them, right?
Well, nothing as such happened.
Absolute debauchery ensued, after several months of relative peace, and growth.
The beings preached about their extreme freedom to do whatever one might wish, and what would life’s goal be, other than that of relaxing, and doing whatever pops into ones mind?
Debauchery spread like a wildfire on a plain hit by a severe drought.
At first, it was “normal” and tolerable.
It only happened in clubs, in private homes, and in certain hidden spots, and only those who were already predisposed to such acts got involved.
But as time passed, the debauchery became the norm.
Drugs, alcohol consumption was taking place instead of eating food, or drinking water, for there was no need to worry about overdose, or death, or consequences in general, since they were immune to them, thanks to the blessings they have gotten.
Sex became a fun free-time activity, and it was done everywhere.
Outside, inside, at public places, in shops, schools, hospitals that were now just empty buildings…everywhere.
Proper clothes became a nuisance, and now tapes, feathers, and other items that barely covered ones privates were used, for ease of removal.
The weather was also on the supernatural beings side, for it was always warm, especially in their presence, so there was no need for heavy clothing.
And they were there whenever something “good” happened.
Few of us refrained from participating.
Thankfully, nobody cared, but nobody truly talked to us.
We became an outcast society within our own society, and we banded together.
After years of such environment, the world was slowly…dying.
Nothing was maintained, and as long as it wasn’t dangerous for one’s life, the beings ignored it.
Infrastructure deteriorated so much, buildings and roads disappeared.
But then, we saw a bright red light flickering in the skies.
The beings all giggled, and intensified their interaction and involvement into the activities of the humans.
We saw that as a good sign.
That light was like a flame…and the shape of its shadow was that of a sword…
I grew hopeful, thus I left.
I will find the real angels…and I will ask for their help…
We need salvation from this “salvation” we gained for nothing…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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