Appearances are deceiving

I am of the wandering kind.
My feet take me wherever they want to, and my home is where I lay my head down.
The roads, rivers, beds of leaves and more of the worlds are my throne, as I wander aimlessly, taking it all in.
Our kind was always like this.
This is our way of cultivation, for our eyes can see more than most.
The aura of living and unliving is laid bare before our sight, and we can know one’s true nature, true image, and potential.
Therefore, we are often welcomed, as esteemed guests, picking out loyalists and spies, picking out talents and wastes.
My eyes are at the beginning of their journeys, the same way I am at it.
So, while I could see the general inclination of someone’s soul, that was it.
I could simply tell if someone is destined to greatness or not, is someone was benevolent or malevolent.
And thus I walked, and walked, taking the world as my parent, letting it teach me the ways of everything.
And I have seen.
I have seen elves that had souls emanating such a deep hatred towards the very forest that birthed them.
I have seen fire elementals who had souls sweating, and clearly annoyed by their own existence’s heat.
I have seen individuals who should love hate, and individuals who should hate love.
I have seen environments so dangerous looking, with bones piling up to the skies, with poisonous mists overflowing, yet being of the most benevolent sanctuaries in the known reality.
I have seen calamity bringing angels and saviour demons.
I have seen and learnt, and all I got was something quite simply, and motivating.
I know nothing.
Will know nothing.
Thus I have to wander, and never stop learning.
Our kind is always like this.
Our kind is always neutral, maybe even benevolent, and we abhor violence.
It’s not because we are powerless, for our minds, bodies are long baptised by the world, and its true meanings.
But simply because we have learnt something important: appearances are deceiving.
Sometimes, a cruel invader, might have a proper reason for their invasion.
And in front of our eyes, no deceit can pass unnoticed.
Thus we play the role of middle-man, trying to barter peace negotiations, and resolve conflict through words.
For we learnt, all lives have an equal chance, sooner or later, for greatness.
The world is indifferent, but it is indifferent to all, and not just to the few.
Those beings that are hailed as being blessed by the world, carry a burden equal in weight with said “Blessing”.
Nothing is free in the world, nothing is certain, and everything, and everyone is a future teacher to everyone and anyone.
Thus, we wander.
And while our kind might look like hermits, like refugees, we are esteemed guests to all.
Be it divine or corrupt, be it hellish or abyssal.
For, through us, others have also learnt one thing: appearances are deceiving…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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