Subdual for the “Greater Good”

Five decades ago, from the shadows the Night Dwellers emerged, hell-bent into taking the world into their hands.
Vampires, witches, warlocks, druids, and all manners of intelligent creatures appeared, and attacked the most important structures of humanity.
They weren’t as many as us, but nor did they have supernatural powers only.
They also had advanced technology, far beyond what we’ve achieved.
Our equipment were easily disarmed, silenced, obstructed.
Communication has fallen, so did electricity everywhere but at the most important points.
Two days later, the governments all around the globe announced their capitulation, in a roundabout manner: “We allied ourselves with our long forgotten ancestors and brethren, that have chosen to finally show themselves, and help us in our times of need.”
This message was carefully crafted, yet it still left a wrong feeling in most of us.
We were absolutely horrified.
I don’t know how many people have sold their everything to buy food, water, and different “occult” supplies.
And I don’t know how many poor souls have left the world, thinking it’s better to leave on their own way.
But then the unimaginable happened.
“They” cured almost all diseases.
“They” brought out a little leech like creature they called “Hellish Swamp Worm”, and it ate plastic, and plastic only. (Some people said it also ate lava, and fire, but that is still up to debate.)
“They” had humongous beasts that had waste that could revitalise even the worst kind of wastelands.
“They” had beasts that could eat sand, and transform it into earth.
“They” had ways to keep forests healthy, and everything to grow better, faster, bigger.
They really…came to help us.
Or so we thought.
They helped us for two decades without asking for a thing in return.
Then, they said their piece: “We don’t eat humans, but we do consume blood.”
And the funny fact?
Everybody laughed.
“That’s all? Take as much as you want!”
Was the response of most of us.
After all, they introduces artificial blood that could be then easily be converted to real blood by our bodies.
Which is why I found it fishy they still wanted our blood.
But overall…
Even I thought it was a good thing.
This subdual of our race was…for the greater good.
We lived better.
We lived healthier.
We had a longer lifespan.
Look at me, 80 looking 30…it’s something we couldn’t possibly fathom before this.
I befriended many of them, as everyone else did.
And this druid, when drunk on mead, spilled the tea, but not before saying that he didn’t care much, he liked to help anyway.
The only reason that the shadow dwellers helped us, was because they were afraid their true food source will die out…
And that our blood started to taste weird due to the plastic and other chemicals in it…
“Greater Good” right?
It’s all good, as long as it ends well, right?…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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