How stupid can we get?

So many atrocities exist in our world, yet we seek them, research them, and improve them.
It’s hilarious to me, really.
I understand the need to understand the very things that threaten us.
Thus, I don’t condemn the research, the testing, the “playing” with diseases of various kinds, and sources.
I absolutely agree, that if we don’t work on the diseases, if we don’t try to understand them, we can’t cure them, we can’t find treatments for them.
But damn…
Seriously, how stupid can we get?
Having a research centre for global institutions, where ALL the known diseases are researched up, is goddamn brilliant and stupid at the same time.
The concept of helping each other, “two heads are better than one”, and all that stuff, is valid.
Researches being able to discuss problems with other researches, from different kinds of diseases perspective, all wonderful, brilliant.
But did those smartasses, forget about something called human error?
One small mistake, and a plague like event would play out.
Hell, it is literally my job to stop stuff like that happening.
And guess what?
It almost happens…
Almost weekly…
For there are thousands of researchers there, and they are human just like the rest of us, no matter how genius they are.
Now, I whine so much, because my job is tiresome.
Testing every piece of cloth.
Every little thing someone takes in.
Make sure that they all they the showers properly.
Make sure that there are no issues with the equipment.
Make sure that there are no issues with the resources given to the researchers.
Make sure that all containment zones work properly.
Make sure that all disinfection, purification tools work properly.
Make sure that all researchers have my colleagues or me on speed dial.
Make sure that we get notified if even a friend of a friends of a friends of a researchers visits them, and then they suddenly get an illness. (quite sketchy, I know, but we have to ensure no breakouts happen, and contact mapping can be quickly done.)
But sadly…
I am human as well.
And this last two days, I realised something.
The tester for particles has a malfunction, and gives back a “Good to go” message whatever happens.
How did I realise it?
Well, I am paranoid, and weekly I ask researches to bring out a sample of a relatively harmless disease, so we can test the tools. (Of course, proper thorough testing is done monthly, but that is not enough for me.)
And here we are…
Two days’ worth of researches of Wing D, being tested poorly.
How stupid we can get? Seriously…
I hope as usually, nobody had anything on them…I hope…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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