Oh no, how will this go?

I loathed being powerless.
I loathed being used as a tool, so I trained.
But even training until I sweat blood, it wasn’t enough.
I wasn’t strong enough to be considered a hero, not even strong enough to be considered top-tier.
But I had something, few possessed.
Endless resilience, and stamina.
Which sounded good, but I got the attention of an extremely evil man because of it.
Despite ruling over an entire Empire, he tried to woo me normally.
Even with my patience, and endurance…I got worn down.
I agreed to one date, then another…and found myself falling in love with him.
He told me straightforwardly, that he is willing to marry me, mostly because his bloodline lacks resilience and stamina, and also because he found me gorgeous.
He was an Emperor, so a harem was a must to have…so I wouldn’t have been his only woman…
But foolish as I was, or blinded by love…I agreed, and married him.
He named me 2nd concubine, just below the Empress, and he visited me daily.
The intrigues in the harem weren’t like in the novels.
The empire worked on strength, and the imperial family, the ministers, generals and even the commoners cared not of one’s upbringing.
This meant that scheming to kill me, or my children wouldn’t happen, especially since the royal family’s elder council prohibited that.
Worst case scenario, an useless royal will be used as a breeding mare or stallion, so no killing are allowed.
Thing is, I gave him eight kids, in eight years, each stronger than the previous.
My powers and his combined perfectly, making perfect little warriors.
I loved all my children, and spent all my time with them, not allowing something like a nanny, or tutor take their free time.
I could teach them all the same as they could.
My husband was also very happy, and his happiness showed in his greater care for me.
He had more than eight hundred kids, by this time, and that was considered average for his lineage.
Then he went to war, conquering left and right.
Decades later, my children joined the battlefield, each earning names for themselves.
It was a bliss.
Centuries passed, and I gave him no other child, which made me feel sad, but then, I got pregnant once more.
But I felt that something was wrong.
The child refused to be born for forty-eight months, in the forty-ninth month did he come to light.
And he was magnificent, bright intelligent eyes looked back at me…as he was slightly emanating a pure, divine light.
A tattoo of a tree was upon his small chest, slightly…moving, alive.
“A chosen of the Goddess of Life…a Hero…”
I murmured.
He was smart, and quick-witted.
My husband said he will come soon to see his new born son, but he was warring, so that soon might be years…
A strength governed family…and a child blessed and chosen by a Goddess…
How will this go…
But no matter what, I won’t let them mistreat my child.
For I might not be the Empress, but those elders do know to fear me…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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