How dare you?

Look, I know I am no saint, as I am a super-villain.
I was labelled as such for two reasons: one, I have superpowers, and two I do whatever I want, which, truthfully sometimes, is something illegal.
So, obviously, in this case I also had superheroes running around, trying to catch me, defeat me, the whole act.
And there was one in particular the strongest, whom I never managed to defeat properly, nor did she manage to defeat me properly.
And I didn’t even try.
It was a good measure to stop things going to the extreme.
And yet…
And yet this newbie super villain comes in…defeats her on my turf, and maybe even kills her?
No fucking way, I am going to let that slide.
That’s why I am now at their hidden lair, wanting answers.
Knocking on the barrier, I cracked it.
I might be angrier than I though.
“OOoo, senior! Come in, come in.”
A voice boomed through some hidden speakers.
It was the newbie…
Entering their secret base, I sighed.
It was a cave system, filled with polished stones, and crystals.
“Their power is some heat rays and gravity control…”
I murmured, as I walked the tunnels, finally arriving at a humongous cave, that was lavishly furnished.
“Senior! It’s such an honour to meet you!
I am a big, big big fan! Always was, please sign this!”
The newbie jumped around me, shoving merch in my arms.
Figurines, comics, posters with me…
And in a faraway corner, there was an altar…with my picture on it…
Next to it, another one was built, with the pictures of Helena…and…are those goddamn hammers?
And next to it…it was Helena…all-chained up, and  beaten up.
“Senior! I will one day become just like you…a great super-vill…”
He started to say, but I kicked him, embedding him into the walls of his abode.
“How dare you?!”
I said.
He climbed out of the wall, coughing.
“Se—nior? I know I am a newbie…but I can dream…can’t I ?”
He asked.
“Who the hell cares about you being famous like me or not, I don’t give a crap.
But who gave you the nerves to touch something that’s mine?”
I asked.
“The wench?
She’s your nemesis…wait, you have the hots for her?”
He asked.
“No, I am not into relationships, might seduce her once if in the mood.
I live freely, and do whatever and whomever I want.”
I said.
“So why are you so…angry?”
He asked, coughing.
“With her on my case, I won’t get anyone annoying, do you get me?
And nemesis?
I kicked you once, and you are on the verge of dying…
You think I couldn’t handle her if I wanted to?”
I sniggered.
“Senior! You are so thoughtful! Mastermind!”
He started fangirling again.
“Shut up, and heal her, send her to the government or something.
Next week I want to hear her loud voice, shouting after me, got it?”
I closed up, and raised the newbie by his ear.
“Yes! Yes, Sir!”
he said.
I don’t want to make another house visit…”
I said leaving.
Heh, me, having the hots for her…
Although, she did look good, but she’s too annoying…I guess…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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