I…I am a Goddess?

I was cooking dinner, when I felt something break inside me, and memories flooded me.
I fainted, and my family was all over the place trying to guess what was wrong with me.
Despite not being conscious, I was aware of everything around me, and knew they went to the imperial palace, to the sorcerer’s tower and more to get insight on what was happening to me.
Albeit, I would have told my husband, and children to relax, for I was just sleeping, trying to accommodate the humongous amount of sudden information.
When I woke up, everybody was relieved.
My husband cried, and my children had to stop him from going nuts on some dark mages, since he blamed them.
“This is soul magic! It must’ve been those rats!”
He exclaimed.
I just giggled.
“Relax, nobody attacked me.
I apparently awakened my sealed memories.”
I said.
“What sealed memories, mom?
Are you someone strong?”
My youngest asked.
“Yes, I am…was…maybe now am again?
It’s still confusing, but memories show that I am the Goddess of Water.”
I said.
It was still confusing.
I…I am a goddess, apparently.
As I said that to my kids, I waved my fingers, and I condensed the water vapour from our surroundings into little figures of us.
My children exclaimed.
I laughed.
My husband smiled, but I could tell he was…worried.
After everyone left, and the kids went to sleep, I joined my husband on the porch.
We lived outside of the royal capital, in the middle of the Imperial Forest.
“Are you mad?”
I asked, snuggling up to him.
He hugged me, and sighed.
“Not mad, worried.”
He said.
“Why? You should be happy, from a mere commoner, now I am a goddess!
I can finally protect myself.”
I said.
“Yes, that’s good…
But I am supposed to protect you…”
He grumbled.
I laughed, and kissed him.
“You can always protect me, silly!
It’s just now, I can also do it!”
I said.
He smiled, but I could see he was still a bit disgruntled.
I don’t blame him, it wasn’t easy to come to terms with my new existence? Status?
It was weird…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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