How can we make this work?

In the world of might and magic, many things are possible.
The energy of the universe, be it called mana, spiritual energy, ki, source or many more, blesses both living and unliving matter and grants them extraordinary traits.
Be it consciousness when it shouldn’t be possible, or powers over different aspects of the workings of the universe itself, anything is possible.
So many unimaginable things and beings came into being, slowly, nurtured by this energy over the many eons.
But fate is a haphazard being, and thus everything and anything can happen.
This is how something like the legend of Kiss of Ice and Fire spread across the eras.
Amongst the many races that exist in the universe, one of the most complicated, yet simplest to understand are the elementals.
They were simple to understand for they were made out of certain pure energies, matter of a single attribute.
It wasn’t hard to be able to understand their habitat, their civilisation.
They were living beings nonetheless.
With the complexities of a living beings, thoughts, emotions, and randomness, just like fate’s.
But there was a problem with their civilisation.
Most of them being single attributed, opposite attributes conflicted on a molecular level.
A water elemental felt anger and fear towards a lightning, or a fire elemental, for they were able to hurt him easily.
The fire elemental would fear repulsion and fear against the water, or ground elementals for example.
But there are always exceptions.
And there are always events where the seemingly impossible thing happens.
The elementals are beings of pure energy, that gives birth to matter, and what better source of energy could there be than them?
Thus, many other races hunted the elementals to use them as batteries, as power sources, as sacrifices of great value.
And so, many elemental hunting squads exist, and many slave camps exist, where one can buy an elemental to be used for various experiments, and ends.
In such a slave camp was Fulaoch, a female fire elemental, close to becoming a demigod, and attaining a proper, corporeal form.
She was the crown jewel of the camp, and in fact, of the family that run the camp on the whole, as she could soon be used for more than just a battery, for demigod elementals are no different from living beings, and can be used to give birth to extremely talented offspring.
The elementals naturally become lower demigods as they age, and thus, Fulaoch couldn’t stop herself from having a flesh and blood body.
Years after years passed, and she looked more human, and less as a body of flame.
She was naked, and gawked at by the slavers.
“This one will buy us noble titles! But damn…if she wouldn’t be worth hundreds of times more as a virgin…”
They often said, drooling.
Indeed, she was becoming quite a beauty, but that wasn’t only because of her, but also because of the sublimation of her very being, as she became a demigod, and leaving behind her “mortal” self.
But one day, as thousands of slavers gathered at the camp, with hundreds of potential buyers, and their bodyguards, the camp came under a blizzard.
“A blizzard? In the middle of a desert? “
A slaver said, as he touched a snowflake, instantly freezing to death.
“It’s an atta…”
People started to shout, but before anyone could say anything, they all froze to death, all of them except the slave elementals.
“Tsk, tsk, my brethren you cut such a sorry state.”
A voice drifted, as the cuffs broke into pieces, and the magical seals came undone.
It was an ice elemental, a per se royal of the water elementals that came to their aid.
Fulaoch was the only flame elemental in this camp, as she was brought here, so the dry, hot environment may speed up her human transformation process.
All the other elementals thanked and bowed to their saviour, before being sent away by him, but Fulaoch went around, melting each ice statue of the slavers, eradicating any sign of their existence.
“Are you that bored flamey?”
The ice elemental chuckled.
“Shut up popsicle.
They humiliated me, paraded me like an animal, dragged along so many shows naked.”
She shouted, sobbing.
“At least, now you can create clothes from your flames.”
The ice elemental shrugged, turning around preparing to leave.
“Wait! I need to repay you.”
Fulaoch said, flying towards the ice elemental.
This made both of them uncomfortable.
The ice elemental lowered the temperatures innately around him, while Fulaoch increased it.
They didn’t mash together properly.
“No thanks needed, bye, flamey.”
He said, leaving.
Fulaoch snorted, and followed him.
She followed him for decades, helping him, buying stuff for him, and in exchange he started to trust her.
The two worked along for centuries afterwards, before finally realising what happened.
They fell in love with each other.
The ice elemental, Jecgesh was calm, calculative, and slightly lazy, while Fulaoch was hotheaded, never thinking through her actions.
Completely opposites of each other, yet perfectly complementary.
“How can we make this work?”
Jecgesh asked.
Fulaoch giggled, jumping into his lap.
“We are both demigods, we can take on perfect humanoid forms.
We aren’t hurting each other, so we can do whatever we want.”
She said.
“Yes…but you are the princess of a flame elemental tribe…
And I am the prince of a water elemental tribe..”
Jecgesh sighed.
Fulaoch just shrugged.
“That makes our status just perfect.”
She said.
Jecgesh kissed her.
“True. No point in worrying.”
He said.
Their union brought great unrest to the entire elemental race, but their individual prowess quelled it.
Their wedding was grand, and many influential beings were invited, and their story was written into the legends of the universe, as a show of love’s power…

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