What a surprise…

I was, am an eldritch being.
My very existence is hard to comprehend, since I am way beyond the rules, laws, matter and space and time of this universe.
But I grew bored of drifting in the void.
I grew bored of having my consciousness enter realities on its own, violating the very laws that governed them, without me even being aware of it.
I grew bored, of nothingness, endlessness, and eternity.
I grew bored of watching the realities be born, grow, and go extinct.
I wanted to be active.
I wanted to be a part of everything.
So I became man, and walked the world of mortals.
It wasn’t hard, after watching them for aeons.
But…this led to that…and I got married.
She was a beautiful woman even for my standards, tall, lean, long rich spring green hair, eyes as blue as the clearest lake.
The offspring we had all were…magical.
One had pointy ears, and a long lifespan, and was so loved by nature and magic.
Another came out rather small, and never grew too much, but he had so much talent in him, so many brilliant new ideas to be brought into this world.
Another one wasn’t even humanoid, but had scales, and had a heart of gold, hell-bent in protecting us.
We had hundreds of kids, who went on to have many of their own.
I am pretty sure during the centuries that we were together, we managed to create a couple of races on our own.
Then one day while playing with my great-great-great-grandson, he managed to cast a strong dispel spell.
My illusion went off for a second, and he saw through my disguise, seeing my true form.
He instantly gone crazy, and almost killed himself.
I sighed.
I looked at my wife, hoping she didn’t see a thing.
She just smiled at me, giggling.
She kissed our great-great-great-grandson’s forehead, and his thrashing stopped, his breathing calmed, and his life energy strengthened.
Then she kissed me.
“Your true form is beautiful.”
She said.
“I wondered how a human could live for more than a thousand year…”
I said.
“You are a Great One for certain.
Only you could lack common sense so much.”
She laughed.
What a surprise.
My wife, was a Goddess.
And this way, everything made sense.
It was amazing, and calming.
Now I was sure I didn’t need to worry about outliving her…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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