Blame Game

The life in the world of Bloesta was never easy.
Beasts, humans, elves, dwarves and demons lived on this planet, grew, cultivated themselves to higher levels, and prospered.
But in order to do so, they needed resources, so wars for them were abundant.
And many of them thus suffered.
Famine, diseases, death spread like a wildfire on a plain in drought season.
People blamed the wars, blamed themselves, their neighbours, but there was someone who vehemently denies the blame from all participants, and blamed it on God.
He thinks that everything that goes on, absolutely everything, is the Creator’s fault.
And it seems like God, got curious about this, and brought that person into Their Realm.
The man was working on his farm, when he was whisked away by the God whom created his universe.
As the dizziness from the teleportation went away, the man, a mere farmer stood face to face with the ultimate being of his universe, the Creator themselves, God.
To the farmer, They looked just like a normal fellow human, but with androgynous features.
“Who are you?”
The man asked.
“You know who I am.
You’ve been cursing me for a while for the drought and heavy soil.”
The God chuckled.
“You are God?
As if.”
The man snorted.
Before the God could say something, the man started walking around in the empty realm.
“Nice dimension here, you must be a sorcerer.
God, heh, maybe compared to me, you can think of yourself as a god.”
The man continued.
The God just smiled, and everything around them changed.
Suddenly, they went from being in an empty space, to being in a beautiful forest, in front of a lake, with birds chirping, and some animals resting near the lake.
“sit down.”
The God said, sitting down on the purple grass.
The man conformed and looked around.
“This…if sorcerers could do this…
The wars would’ve been over a long ago…or we would’ve died a long time ago…”
The man murmured.
“That’s right, mortals always fascinate me with their imagination and ambition.
So easily embarking on the path to greatness, and so easily misled…”
The God sighed.
“So you really are God, huh?”
The man asked.
The God just smiled, and nodded.
“So, how does it feel to see your creation fail?”
The man smirked.
I would say, that it evolves pretty smoothly, and nicely.”
The God chuckled.
“Have you seen my life?
So much misery! And I consider myself some of the luckier ones!”
The man shouted.
“Why is that my fault?”
The God asked.
“The natural calamities, the wars, the many criminal organisations, they are making our lives unlivable!”
The man continued.
“Still, I fail to see how that is my fault?
You mortals blame me for the simplest things.”
The God shrugged.
“You think it’s not your fault?
Haven’t you created this universe?”
The man snorted.
“I created it, and let it flow freely.
I put my blood and soul into it, so the universe would have an internal cycle, a proper circulation of laws, concepts and events.
If the clouds gather, and the particles combine properly, there will be a rain, if not, there won’t be.
Don’t think that I am personally adjusting everyone’s life.”
The Got laughed.
The man spat.
“How can you be proud of such a creation?
With so many things that can go wrong.”
He said.
“How can I not be proud, when so many good things can also happen.
You know, it’s not easy to create a universe where almost everyone can more or less cultivate.
Nor it is easy to create a universe with but just a few void beasts managing to infiltrate it.
And your world might be early on its path to development, but there are worlds out there, where there is barely any starvation, and wars are fought in a clean way.”
The God said.
“If you can see that difference, it still your fault that you didn’t make a move to change my planets fate!”
The man said.
The God just chuckled.
“No matter what I say, you won’t accept that your planet can, and will one day become a better place.
Well, this was entertaining, and it made me understand that you just love to play the blame game.
Have a nice life, Eustache.”
The God said, sending the man back to his farm.
The man grumbled, but went to pick up his tools, to work on the house…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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