Botched summoning

In the void both outside and inside reality, there were many unspeakable horrors, lurking, living or simply just…existing.
These beings are amalgamations of strong emotions, of strong desires, dreams and at the same time they are representations of the void, of the chaos, of the existence before time and space appeared.
They are the antithesis of both reality and illusion, of both life and death, as they are both yet none, their mere existence being such an incomprehensible fact, that many great beings just go mad when trying to figure them out.
These beings are…the eldritch horrors.
And these beings were always avoided, safe for some extremists that were wishing the world to end or to borrow powers from such unimaginable origins.
But the usage of powers of others was something normal in many worlds.
Such a world, such a universe, was trying to summon a hero, a soul of utmost purity, to bear the burdens of saving their world from the darkness, from the enemies they simply couldn’t defeat.
During the summoning they’ve made a mistake when specifying the parameters of the soul they’ve been seeking.
Instead of a pure soul, they specified “Taints the pure soul”, it was a difference of a single rune, but it botched the entire summoning.
A sliver of an eldritch beings soul was transported into their world.
Luckily or unluckily they couldn’t control which being they’ve managed to wake up, so they still were thinking that they would get a hero.
And they seemed to get the shortest straw.
As the soul got completely summoned, it instantly materialised a physical form for the being.
After all, the eldritch horrors were mostly beings of concepts, and amalgamations of certain energies, matter, they didn’t have a set form.
That’s why, this time, the form the soul of the being materialised in, was that of a small tree sapling, floating on a dark cloud.
Were the men and women in the ritual’s chamber experts standing at the peak of existence, they would’ve run away.
Even if this being wasn’t from their reality, from their universe, they surely would’ve heard about it.
For both the floating dark cloud, and the small sapling, were the signs of an eldritch horror that was usually just, existing, but still cause the most damage.
For this was The One Who Is.
It is said that this beings true form is that of a lush forest traversing the endless void on a rolling mass of clouds.
Time and Space disappear whenever The One Who Is gets close to a universe, rendering the stability of the entire reality useless.
Just by being in the near proximity of The One Who Is individuals can get older, younger, stronger, weaker, disappear or appear randomly in different places.
And now, such a being was summoned.
“What is this?”
The wizards, witches and knights murmured as they watched the clouds stabilise, and the sapling grow slightly bigger.
A loud sound, like that of wood crackling boomed across the room they were in.
“Hmmm, been summoned to a new reality?
The words came from the little sapling.
“Who are you? What are you?”
A witch questioned.
“I am me.”
The sapling said, as if purring.
“You! We summoned you, you should pay your respects to us!”
A knight said.
The sapling directed its attention to the knight, whom seemed to take a glimpse of the saplings true form.
The knights then screamed, fainted, his mouth frothing.
“Sorry, this does happen when mortal watch me for far too long.”
The sapling said.
The rest of the individuals in the room, tried to make a move on the sapling, but the moment such a thought was birthed in their minds, they simply turned to dust.
“Oh, old age…
I guess mortals are indeed short lived…
Unfortunate, I wanted to ask them what sights they have…
It’s rare for me to have a holiday far from the void…”
The sapling sighed, moving upwards, starting its journey in this new reality…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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