God in a bar

I work as a bartender in a small bar in an even smaller neighbourhood.
Most of my clients are locals, and I feel like my job is in a family business, rather than a random job.
I know my regulars, they know me, and we even help each other now and then.
I have been working here for a good amount of years already, and I feel comfortable, and at home behind the counter.
I have managed to learn how to read people, and how to keep conversations flow, easing their burdens a bit, and to be fair, easing their wallets as well.
But as a bar, this fine establishment attracts others as well, not just locals.
And today, I have met another interesting character.
It was a middle-aged man, who could be described as: extremely clean.
Like seriously, I don’t know how did he manage to do it, in mid-autumn, with the winds being quite piercing, and the rain barely stopping, but just to give hail some stage time, but he is…without a blemish.
Not a corner of his clothes were wet, or muddy, despite this neighbourhood having quite the problem with the dirt roads.
Not a spot on his entire body was wet, even though there was a downpour outside.
True, he was using his umbrella as a walking stick now, but the winds are blowing, it’s impossible to keep the rain out completely.
He came up to the bar and sat down.
He had this grandfatherly smile on his face.
“Can I have a glass of red wine, please?”
He said.
I smiled, and poured him a glass.
As it was still rather early, and only some old friends gathered, playing cards, doing their own thing, I thought I might make small talk with the newcomer.
He was sipping the wine, as if just tasting it, while looking around smiling.
“Nice atmosphere, isn’t it?
I said.
“Indeed, it’s wonderful.
Quite a pleasant surprise.”
The man said.
His voice was soothing.
“Pleasant surprise?
You expected a rowdy bunch down here, right?
I was the same back when I applied to work here.”
I laughed.
There is so much going wrong with the world, I came down to fix it, but seeing how you all help each other here, care for each other…
I might give you all some more time.”
He said, laughing as well.
“Are you some big-shot, trying to “revamp” our neighbourhood?”
I asked.
“You could say that.”
He chuckled.
For some reason, I couldn’t feel anything bad towards this man.
“Don’t worry about us, we good down here.
The roads are messy, the houses might collapse on us if the winds pick up, but we do have a nice community.
You know, let me let you in on some little secret: I come from old money, and grew up in a mansion, but I was never as happy there, as I am here, in a one room apartment.
Appearances aren’t everything, and being rich is sure, helpful and makes things easy, but can’t always make one happy.”
I said.
I kind of felt weird, being so open with a stranger.
“Haha! Indeed, little Thomas, appearances aren’t everything.
My trip down here, wasn’t wasted, I can still see hope in you all.
Bye, and take it easier with the shifts, you are young, but not that young anymore.”
The man said, as he slowly disappeared.
I never told him my name…
In front of where he sat, on the desk, laid a hundred pounds, I guess money for the glass of wine…
“Was He…He?”
I murmured, looking up.
I shivered, and shrugged.
Seeing my regulars slowly coming in, I went back to work, and had a wonderful time, but I did close the bar a bit earlier today, with the permission of the owner of course…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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