True power in the middle of nowhere

There are many powers struggling to get a hold of authority in the universe.
Most mortal powers tie themselves to divinities, demons, eldritch horrors and more, to have a higher chance in succeeding.
Such a mortal power is the Cult of Everlasting Breeze.
A cult that worship an entity known as the Breath of the Void, a creature that expands the void, the nothingness with each breath.
It is said that this being is by nature a calamity, as its not doing anything proactively, but by just existing, it endangers are known realities.
They managed to finally piece all the clues together, and gathered all the materials needed to summon the Breath of the Void into their world.
Thus the cult researched heavily.
They needed a place where there are no other influences, a place where no god, devil, demon or being of power can instantly sense.
And they’ve found it.
A remote village, in the middle of nowhere, in a wasteland that is filled with dangers, thus having been never contested for.
They decided it was a perfect place, without questioning why would a village even exist there?
And how could a village survive there?
The cult wasn’t a weak one, but it had yet to take the stage properly, without a successful summoning.
They numbered in tens of thousands, and they quickly gathered at the edge of the village.
“They will be the perfect sacrifice.”
The Archbishop of the cult said, as he eyed the hundreds of inhabitants of the village.
They started the preparations for the ritual, and started drawing countless symbols around the entire village.
The symbols were written with their own blood, combined with angel feathers, Hell dust, the tears of a mermaid, and many more obscure and rare materials.
It took them days to finish, but in the end, everything went without a problem.
“They went hunting, and they didn’t manage to see us.
They aren’t paying attention to their surrounding at all.”
A cultist exclaimed.
They started their ritual, and the skies darkened.
The ground shook, and the village was shrouded in an amethyst mist.
A portal opened, from which a dangerous aura, and dark rolling clouds poured out.
It was the Breath of the Void’s representation.
“Stinky breath! I haven’t seen you in ages!”
A voice boomed from the village, as a light flew into the portal.
Everything disappeared, and the symbols got erased.
The weather eased, and the stars started to be seen, in the clear night sky.
Soon, the portal opened once more, and the light flew out.
Then, the dark clouds poured out once more…this time, towards the cultists.
They started enveloping the cultists, and eroding them.
They screamed, trashed around, fought back with magic and aura, but to no avail.
This was after all, a representation of an eldritch horror.
“Why, Oh Mighty One, Why attack us, your faithful believers!”
The Archbishop, the strongest cultist asked, while trying hard to resist the pain.
“You summoned me into a nest of countless enemies, and you call yourself faithful!
Let me teach you!”
A pained, and angered voice boomed, as the dark clouds intensified.
That was the day the Cult of the Everlasting Breeze disappeared.
All the while the village continued its daily life, without a change…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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