“Awesome” Birthday

This day just started amazingly.
First, I was late for work because of the traffic.
Then suddenly tasks spawned out of nowhere, with deadlines of yesterday…typical Greg taks-shifting.
Then the cafeteria had nothing I could actually eat, so I ate some sweets for lunch…again.
Then it started to rain when I finally got to leave.
Then, some assholes pulled me into a van, and kidnapped me.
It was “amazing”.
They then tortured me for days, in order to get some information out of me.
They wanted to know about my sister.
Well, bad luck for them, because I didn’t know a thing about her.
They hit me.
Cut me.
Drowned me.
They tried a lot of tortures from “Torture for newbies 101” book.
Not that they worked.
A week later, a bust happened, and the police saved me.
They took me to the hospital, where they stitched me up.
I had a heavy blood loss, malnutrition and dehydration, but other than that, the wounds were shallow, mostly done to cause pain, rather to maim or kill.
Two days later, I signed the papers to be discharged early, on my own volition and responsibility.
The nurse that took care of me, sweet angel of a being, was worried.
“Sir! You shouldn’t do this.
After what you went through…it’s dangerous to leave the hospital, so soon!”
She said.
“Don’t worry, I am used to this.
And you are overwhelmed already, let the bed be used by someone who truly needs it.”
I said, heading out of the room.
“Used to it?”
The nurse asked.
This was just another  “amazing” birthday.”
I chuckled, leaving her baffled.
I was special for a reason or another that I didn’t know, or didn’t want to acknowledge.
And someone out there…
Always tested me.
And always on my birthday.
As I said to the nurse.
Another “awesome” birthday has come and passed…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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