Bi-millennial Lunch

In a small pub that most locals thought was out-of order, the lights were on first time since who know how many years.
The inside of the pub was cosy, filled with nice furniture, and art-work.
A table was set for three people, with glasses, cups, and bottles of wine, water, a kettle of tea already prepared.
Nobody was in the pub yet, and still, everything was freshly done, freshly prepared.
The pub itself looked brand new, not a particle of dust in sight.
Soon, a tall hooded figure entered the pub.
The moment the figured step through the doorway, a bartender appeared out of nowhere.
“May I take your coat, Lady?”
The bartender asked.
The figure gave him the coat, and smiled.
She was a young woman, with long blood red hair, and pale skin.
Her eyes were emerald green, and her lips, of the deepest shade of blue.
“Thank you Shadow, long time no see.
The others?”
The woman asked.
“Should be here, any minute now.”
The bartender smiled, as he took her coat to the hanger.
The woman just nodded, and went ahead and took a bottle of water.
Soon came in another woman.
She was tall, with spring green hair, dusty complexion, eyes blue like the skies.
“Lady, may I take your coat?”
The bartender asked again.
She just nodded.
Then went ahead, sat down next to the other woman, and poured herself a glass of wine.
“Death, finally a break.”
The recently arrive woman said.
“So-so, Life, it’s not really a break since I still get the messages of where people die, and I have to send the reapers.”
Death answered.
As the two talked, another individual came in.
It was a handsome man, in a three-piece red suit, with a golden tie.
He had royal blue short hair, and an ashen complexion.
“Ladies! You are early, as usually.”
He said.
The bartender just walked up to him, asking if he needed anything.
“No thanks, Shadow.
I am waiting for Old Pops, and will be drinking his tea.”
The man laughed.
“Lucifer, welcome, how is it going?”
Death greeted.
“As usually, sinners to punish, demons to teach, angels to fight, mortals to tempt.
The usual.”
Lucifer shrugged, as he threw himself onto one of the chairs.
Just right then, a knock was heard, and the door opened.
A young man entered, wearing a large white hoodie, with a cartoon character on it, and purple sweatpants.
“Good to see you friends.
It’s been 2000 years already.”
The man said.
Lucifer nodded.
Life and Death greeted.
“Shadow, if you would be so kind, you can start bringing out the snacks, and food I’ve sent forward, while I brew the tea.”
God said.
The bartender nodded, and left.
God sat down next to Lucifer, and started to brew some tea.
When the tea was ready, so was the bartender back with the snacks and food.
Then, the four of them started eating, and discussing the events of the past 2000 years.
They talked about from minor things, to cataclysmic events, and they often joked with each other.
These four individuals were at the peak of existence, and with this bi-millennial lunch, they managed to finally relax for a bit…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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