Daughter of Echidna

In a world of magic and swords, monsters, warriors, wars and conflicts are the usual business.
In such a world, people like me, orphans, are as numerous as the stars in the universe.
But I was lucky…, and mom adopted me.
You see, mom is kind, gentle, loving, and would die for her kids, as any mother would do.
Also, she’s the literal Mother of Monsters.
But she’s so beautiful, so I don’t blame those gods, and other entities who have fallen for her.
Albeit, it’s not nice to just leave after the deed is done.
I was more or less a normal human being, when she adopted me, young foolish, underfed, and dirty.
She spent 24/7 with me, sleeping with me, bathing with me, eating with me.
She never let me be alone, not even for a second.
When I started to get older, she still watched over me, taught me how to cook, how to read, write, taught me maths, and so many more things.
And my siblings, oh, my dear siblings.
They dote on me.
And I love them.
They don’t always look like humans, but that doesn’t change a thing, they take care of me.
Jewellery, clothes, weapons, books, food, they always brought so many thing, so many shiny things to me when I was a kid.
Nowadays, I am more interested in weapons and books, and that’s what they are always bringing.
I am blessed with such a family.
If there is one thing I abhor, is that all my siblings, and mother as well, often come with scars and wounds.
Humans, heroes, demigods and whatnot are always running around, trying to hunt my siblings and mom.
Either to kill them, or to simply imprison them, or worse, use them as mounts, one way or another.
After all, in human form, all my siblings are outstanding, even if not by human standards.
Not only that, whenever they see me, they attack me as well.
Because I learnt a lot from mom, and I do know a spell or two, a fighting technique or two from my siblings.
And my clothes are indeed a tad bit overbearing.
But anyway, it’s not a good thing that they keep attacking me.
As I mentioned, my mom and my siblings dote on me, and they are overly protective.
I don’t know how these heroes think, but it’s usually a bunch of them, against one of my siblings.
Now, with them trying to hurt me, it’s a bunch of my siblings, against one of them.
You see, my siblings are all proud, and amazing on their own, and they are really, really independent.
They would rather die, than ask help from each other.
That is, until I came in picture, when they band together to rain hell upon those that attacked me.
It’s funny, but I am the same.
I don’t like seeing how my siblings are hunted just because they ate a cattle or two, or because their mere presence poisons the surroundings.
IT’s a goddamn false rumour that my siblings, whom are all monsters are all man-eating.
There are a few who occasionally chomp on some human flesh, but most of them are good without any food.
They are half-divine, or half-elemental or half-spiritual, it’s obvious they aren’t eating normal food.
So, seeing humans and demigods, heroes, and gods hell-bent on punishing my siblings for something they don’t do…I get angry.
And well, mom taught me well, and taught me everything.
I know why big sis Hydra’s blood is poisonous, and I know how elder brother Typhoon’s blood becomes a great cloud when spilled.
And since I am a daughter of Echidna…everyone sees me as a monster, even though I am human…so why not give them a reason…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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