Unneeded “saving”

The universe was ancient, and long before mortal life has been created, Old Gods roamed it, creating planets, devouring matter and energy, in an endless cycle of death and rebirth.
And when the mortals came into being, created by choice or happenstance, the Old Gods cared not.
These beings were far below them, so they continued their tasks, their mission, creating, and destroying, over and over again.
Few Old Ones had proper personalities, most being driven by their own divinity, own hidden selves.
And this sit not with the mortals.
For they were dusts, in the eyes of the Old Gods, nothing more, nothing different from a rock floating in space.
And the Old Gods had no issue erasing entire living worlds, just because it was time for the world to be gone.
And the mortals didn’t accept that.
They were the ones who thought they should be in control of their own fate, of their own world, and they worked hard in order to achieve their beliefs.
Whilst admirable, they were dead-set to go against the Old Gods.
And they lost.
Again and again, but they learnt.
And through this repetition, they’ve birthed the Heroes.
Mortals with powers rivalling that of gods.
They went on crusades against the gods, in order to gain freedom for all those who are mortal.
They fought and killed all the Old Gods they could find, all those who were in the open, and doing their missions were attacked.
They didn’t want the Old Ones to be the ones deciding when the planets, or civilizations needed to die out.
Sadly, they weren’t aware that it wasn’t the Old Ones, who decided.
After killing all the Old Gods they’ve found, they went into a period of peace.
They were heralded as great saviour, these Heroes, saving the mortal races from the danger of the Old Gods.
Centuries of peace passed, when atrocious monsters appeared, eating entire kingdoms, and even entire planets.
The heroes rose up to fight them, but they were an endless hoard of hungry beasts, constantly washing over the mortal races.
The mortal races waged wars against these beasts, never ending chaotic events, that spelled the doom of their races sooner or later.
Thus they’ve sought the remaining Old Gods, the ones hidden, the ones never interfering, or so they thought.
“Little ones, we are bound to protect our Mother, the universe itself, from the darkness outside.
The chaotic waves of the inside of the universe are to be regulated and kept under control by our siblings…
Now, we shall wait until Mother gives birth to our new siblings, alas…that will take a period of time, your kind can’t process.”
The Old Gods answered.
The mortal races were angered, but they couldn’t fight on two fronts.
So they waged wars, endlessly, hoping that the new Gods will be born soon enough, as they never would’ve thought, that by “saving” themselves from the Gods danger, they put themselves under the blade of an even crueller butcher…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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