Reverse Possession

The first time a demon tried to possess me, he failed.
He was a little newbie demon, called Shavumel, but somehow, he couldn’t complete his possession, and returned to his own body…in Hell.
Little awkward thing…my soul went with his.
I possessed him.
It was a weird feeling.
He was constantly shouting in my ear, well, his soul was.
“How is this possible? What are you doing human? Don’t eat those flameS!”
And so on, and so on.
But it was fun.
And while walking through Hell, I realised something.
My soul can freely enter Hell.
So…I kind of started looking for demons to possess, since if I come just with my soul, I can’t feel anything.
Possessing one demon after another, it’s been fun.
I’ve seen things, and done things, no human could possibly imagine.
Also, I realised that I aged slower like this, while my body still doing my day to day activities, like some pre-recorded machine.
It was refreshing.
But then, today, something was wrong.
I possessed a demon, wanted to go hang out with the lava elementals, and I couldn’t, since the demon I possessed was in shackles.
I found myself, in a throne room, filled with amazing paintings, tapestry, and furniture, and obviously, a throne.
On the throne, sat nobody, but below it, on the steps, was a man, in a three-piece violet suit, and yellow tie.
“Now, what might a human be hopping in and out of my domain?”
The man asked.
I gasped.
It was …the devil himself.
“What now? Cat got your tongue?”
He chuckled.
I just froze.
It was one thing to play around with demons, and other with the Devil himself.
“Come on, answer me, I don’t bite.
Not usually.”
He said.
“Just having fun.
I randomly discovered I could do this, so I do it.”
I said in the end.
He laughed, and clapped, the shackles around me disappeared.
“Well, I can’t have someone be shackled just because they want to have fun, can I?”
He chuckled.
I just nodded, unsure about what I could say.
“I allow you to do this…reverse possession routine of yours…for a price.”
He said.
“My soul?”
I asked.
“No thank you, your soul is weird, I don’t want to mess with that.”
He shook his head.
“Then what?”
I asked.
“We shall see.”
He said, flicking my forehead.
I opened my eyes, to find myself on Earth, in my real body.
“This is going to go so wrong…”
I murmured, and continued my day.
But I couldn’t resist more than two weeks, before I started possessing demons once more…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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