The power of peaceful unity

My grandfather united the entire universe.
My father made the universe grow.
And I…I managed to find other universes, and slowly start to help our universe engulf them.
I felt that I did a good job as an emperor, taking care of my subjects, allowing them to cultivate, allowing them to grow stronger and rewarding the righteous.
My armies scoured the systems, the galaxies for criminals, and each planet had a division, investigating even the smallest crime.
Orphanages, and help centres were everywhere.
And be it us, humans, or the other races, prospered.
And yet, today, was a day when our dynasty took a hit.
“Your Majesty, Your Highness, I came bearing dark news…”
A messenger came in, as my wife and I were enjoying an afternoon tea.
“What happened?”
I asked.
“All our subject races, beginning from the elves, dwarves, dragons, draconians, thunderbirds, kung-pengs and the millions of others…”
He started.
“Did they rebel?
Sell us out for another universe?
Help invaders enter our sacred realms?”
My wife asked.
I just waited.
“They…they united, and are begging for better payments, better techniques, and better privileges.”
The messenger said.
I laughed.
“That’s all?”
I asked.
They nodded.
“Good, send word out that I shall have a meeting with the representatives of all the races.
They shall lay out their wishes, and I shall see if they can be granted or not.
You can go now.”
I dismissed him.
Should we prepare for a war?”
My wife asked.
She was calm, almost…eager.
“Stop your battle lust, little imp.
They aren’t stupid, it’s been millions of years since our family united the universe.
Grandfather is still out there, so is father, they won’t make such a move.”
I said, pinching her cheek.
She pouted.
“Then why did they unite?”
She asked.
“So they can put some pressure on us.”
I said.
“Hmpfh, just let them try.”
She snorted.
I chuckled.
“Don’t forget, they have the chance to become as strong as we are.
Albeit it’s less than our chances, they still have it.”
I said.
She just smiled.
She was from a big noble family, no wonder she cares not about others.
We enjoyed our day, and early next morning, I had a court meeting with a few ministers, and of course, the representatives of the races.
“We meet again, dear subjects.
How may We help you?”
I asked.
I hated this way of speech, but father loved it, so, I chose to use it as well.
“Our Heavens, we beseech you, lessen our burden, for we can’t flourish in these shackles.”
The representative of the Heavenly Turtles said.
“We know nothing of your burdens.
Didn’t We allow you to cultivate?
Didn’t We give missions for you to gain experience, prestige, and resources?
Didn’t We allow your entrance in other universes We found, and the land you conquer shall be your tribes, at the cost of some taxes?
Didn’t We allow your kinsmen to take up prestigious positions? Aren’t Our ministers here today, mostly from other races than that of humans?”
I asked.
At this the representatives all kneeled before me.
“Indeed, Your Majesty, you words are truth, and law at the same time.
But despite Your skies covering everything, and everyone, not everyone is following Your words.
Many of us are despised, for we are not of the same race as Yourself.”
The representative of Silver Dragons said.
I murmured, but it seems I released too much of my aura, as everyone shivered, even my wife.
“So there are still fools who think with the olden mentality.
Let this be clear, Our dynasty is built upon the blood and sweat of all the races of this universe.
It might’ve started with humans, but it’s been a long time since it was the only pillar of the skies.
We shall personally investigate all the activities of the quadrants of the universe, and shall We find too many ill-doings, be it a branch of Our loyal family, they shall be met with the same end: death.”
I said.
“Thank you, Your Highness!”
Each representative kneeled, and bowed.
“You did well not waging war on your Overseers.
You knew well that We won’t kill you, nor wish to strain Our relationship with your races.
But play this game with care, young ones, for My generals lack the humour to entertain you all…”
I said leaving.
They all thanked, excused themselves and assured that they never thought of it like that.
The power of a peaceful unity is strong, and I don’t want to weaken our universe now, when we are in continuous battles with others.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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