Laughable godkillers

We are a godkiller squad.
A team made up of different mortal races to fight against the gods, that neglect their duties, and instead of helping, and supporting the mortal races, are destroying, and controlling them.
We are indeed mortals, but we all trained in one or multiple power systems, slowly gaining power to do the unthinkable.
Also, we aren’t idiots.
We don’t wage war openly on the gods, even though they know of our existence, we never target neutral or benevolent gods.
Also, we never battle head-on, not unless we’ve weakened the gods.
How do we weaken them?
We attack their belief.
Proving their recklessness, proving their utter ridiculousness, and if proving doesn’t work, we just destroy all the worship places, as those are where the belief is gathered.
No matter how many believers they have, without a proper statue, church, altar or a place of worship, the amount of belief is negligible.
We felled dozens of gods, and thought ourselves proper warriors.
WE were so wrong.
We got news about a god casually erasing villages and towns on a far away planet, so we went researching.
We realised, this god had no followers, or at least it was so obscure and the following was so low there was no information about it.
We thought this is a dying god, a god about to be forgotten, going on their last rampage.
We were again, so wrong.
The moment we met the god, we felt…puny.
They looked at us, smiled, and our weapons shattered.
“God killing weapons, of low quality, but nonetheless, god killing.
Are you the kids running around killing the “evil” gods?”
They asked us, as we shivered under their gaze.
We barely good breath, their mere presence weighing down on us.
We managed to nod.
“Oh, sweet younglings.
Why do you think nobody killed them before?
Wait, don’t answer, I don’t want to hear your righteous bullshit about how they deserved it, and all that.
We, the other gods, did nothing to them, because they were needed.
The universe is a place of balance, the light needs the dark, and vice-versa.”
They said.
It was sophistry for us, an elaborate excuse for them to torture us.
“Don’t give me that look.
I have seen you mortals do things to your own kind, that made even me frown.
And I am a god of chaos and war, but even I now about the honour of hostages, and their usefulness.
But you? Killing, raping, maiming, torturing, mocking, and so much more done just for fun, no other reason.”
They shook their head.
We wanted to retort, that they did the same.
“Yes, we do the same, but in different context.
We pay our believers in order to get some “sacrifices” be it living or not.
It’s an equivalent exchange, even if it often doesn’t involve the actively involved party.
Also, we don’t hide it, our halflings are apostles, bishops or our avatars, walking the worlds.”
They continued.
We tried to stand up, but we couldn’t.
“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you.
I have been sent here to tell you mortals a thing or two.
First of all, all you killed was minor gods.
Secondly, they were all new gods, risen through belief, and not through their own powers, or birthed by the universe itself.
And lastly, we have true immortals amongst our ranks, beings that were here before time started to flow, and even when killed, they come back…
Now tell me, you think mortal races would be able to flourish without our help?”
They asked.
We were flabbergasted.
We wanted to retort, that they let us live just to use us…but…
But they could recreate mortal races, and indoctrinate them easily…
And indeed, gods often send down miracles to stop natural calamities…
“Were…were you just letting us play around?”
We finally managed to ask.
“Good that you understood it.
You are not so laughable.
Now, choose your “targets” from the lesser evil gods, but try to not stir the hornet’s nest.”
They said, leaving.
We watched the figure disappear…
And we laughed.
We laughed at our preposterousness, at our childish pride, and our weakness…
We had so much to learn, to research…and to change…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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