Guiding Sage

My realm is not peaceful.
Powers upon powers were born across the eras, each vying for supremacy.
For the sake of the realm, for its peace, for the sake of commoners, heroes must rise up and unite the world, the system or the entire realm.
And it has fallen upon my shoulders to find these heroes, help them awaken to their true selves, and guide them.
And now, another era of chaos is upon the realm, and my dreams been quiet, yet telling, it’s time I leave my house and start wandering, searching for a hero or heroes.
During my long life, I’ve managed to find and guide countless heroes.
Be it fair maidens, or hot-headed younglings, be it beasts yet to attain intelligence, or plants that just gained it.
Be it rocks, materials or spirits just awakening, or souls drifting through space and time, I managed to always find them, and guide them, in the end pushing them onto the path of greatness.
This time again, my senses, my dreams, all pointed towards a direction, towards a new galaxy, so I started my journey.
And soon enough, I found a young man, a sculptor in a remote village, on a small planet, almost as if forgotten by time, since the system itself was an advanced one, yet this planet…was rudimentary.
As I reached his house, I was welcomed by a garden filled with a multitude of amazing sculptures.
Wolves, bears, owls, squirrels, flowers, monsters, people, sculptures in wood of such entities were done in such detail that even I was amazed.
Even the monsters which had the least amount of detail, probably due to the young man seeing them from afar, were easily recognisable.
Knocking on his door, I waited.
He opened the door with a smile.
“Here to buy a sculpture?”
He asked.
“Indeed, I’ve been captivated by one of a Snowy Lunar Owl’s sculpture.”
I nodded.
“Come in grandpa, I know which sculpture you are talking about, it is indeed one of my best.
I saw this owl in the mountains to the north a few years ago, when I went looking for some rare herbs.”
The youth started telling his stories.
I felt good about this potential hero, but it was still early.
I moved into his village, and started interacting more with him.
I acted as a healer, and treated and healed the villagers, mostly in exchange of food.
As the days passed, the heroic aura around him increased, yet he didn’t do much.
He sculpted, helped the villagers hunt, and from time to time, helped with cutting trees, and renovating houses.
But it’s not like I haven’t seen people get enlightened by simply doing chores, so maybe his abilities were already awakened, and slowly strengthening, thus explaining his heroic aura increasing.
Half a year I lived here, and tried to understand the little one’s personality, but…
But nothing came back.
He lives his life as usual.
No matter how much time passed.
No matter what events happened.
He ignored a bandit raid onto the village, that I had to stop.
He ignored a beast stampede, that I had to re-route towards a vast plain.
His heroic aura was blazing, like a pillar piercing the skies, yet…he didn’t change.
I had to be direct with him.
Going up to his house as he was sculpting, I entered without knocking.
At least these six months weren’t completely wasted, and we got friendly.
“Grandpa, you here to buy a new sculpture?”
He asked, laughing.
I shook my head.
“Not this time, youngling, not this time.
I am here to talk about your fate, and its calling.”
I said.
“Oh, you mean the little inside voice that tells me to save this or that?
Or fight this or that?”
He said.
I laughed.
“Yes, indeed.
It’s a good thing you know what I am talking about, it will make this easier.
You are chosen by the realm itself to be a hero.”
I said.
“And you are my guide?”
He asked.
I nodded.
“No thanks gramps, I am good with my life now.”
He said, continuing to sculpt.
I sighed.
“You understand what your choice entails, right?”
I asked.
“Yes, I understand.
My parents are still out there somewhere, I can feel it.
I can feel how much trouble, sadness and happiness awaits me.
But…I still choose this.”
He said.
I shook my head.
Heroes with this mentality are always the best ones.
Alas, I can’t force him.
“Okay, just so you know, your sculpting talent involves blade work and understanding of life, and life forms.
Your attention to details, steady hands, and patience, can make you a great warrior.
Never lose your will to live as you wish to, and never lose this calmness, and kindness of yours.”
I said turning back, leaving.
“You leaving the village gramps?”
He asked.
“I have to find others, and guide them as well.
Sadly, I don’t know if with your choice, you made your life easier or harder.
Farewell, youngling.”
I said, teleporting away.
Outside, in the vast space, I could feel other places, tugging on my heart.
Other heroes.
“Let’s hope one of them will accept my guidance…
Otherwise, I might be forced to solve the calamity by myself…”
I said, starting my journey anew.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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