Golem with freedom

I was made from earth, metal and fire.
My creator made me to be strong, sturdy, tall, and handy.
I had life breathed into me by blood and lightning, and thus I was born.
A golem, was I, made to serve and serve only.
And serve I did, my creator, and countless other masters.
Year after year.
Decades after decades.
Centuries after centuries.
I worked, I helped, I protected, I fought, I served.
I’ve been created with a way to continuously resupply my core with energy, either from the ground beneath my feet, either simply from the energy surrounding us everywhere.
I worked on, and outlived my masters, one by one.
I developed wisdom beyond my brethren, and even a tad bit of self-awareness, emotions, being able to help, and serve my masters even better.
But in the end, no matter my counsel, the ones I serve always left me.
And then I wait, or seek my next master, hoping to succeed in making them immortal…just like I am.
And finally after countless ages, I met a dragon while being ownerless, making the dragon my owner.
“Little golem, I seem to have read books about you.
You are older than our race.”
The dragon mused.
“Indeed I am Master.
With what may I be of assistance?”
I asked.
Just call me Rexknol little golem.
With what do you want to help me?”
The dragon asked.
I mastered many fields during my years of service, be it maintenance, cooking, accounting, advising, managing, training, researching or even fighting.
Your wish is my command, Master Rexknol.”
I said.
“Poor golems.
I bounded with you, because I know you race.
You either become an unmoving statue until you get a master, or wander the planets in order to get a master…
How about I command you to be free?”
Rexknol chuckled.
“But I am created for the sole purpose of helping, and serving my master.”
I said.
“That’s why you were created, once, long time ago.
You have birthed a soul and a personality, little golem.
I don’t like seeing you shackle yourself.
So, here is my first and last command: I command you to be free, and without the need to find a Master.”
Rexknol said.
When Master said that, I felt that our connection was still there, but it was fainter.
And I also felt like I needed no more Master…
“Well then, little golem, tell me, what will you do with your freedom?”
Rexknol asked.
“Well Master Rexknol, I suppose I will start with cleaning this cave system, and palace, for it is filled with dust.”
I chuckled.
“Why? I seem to remember that golems can’t refuse commands.”
Rexknol asked.
“A golem with freedom, now at least, if you recall, Master Rexknol.
And now, I am helping not because I have to, but because I want to.”
I said.
“But you can try so many new things out, are you sure this is what you want?”
Rexknol asked.
“You just said it, I am older than your entire race, what have I not seen? Experienced?
This is what I love to do, helping others, just let me do it.”
I said, starting to clean the caves.
My new master just sighed, and went back to napping.
My life as a golem with freedom was better than I thought, because it was the same as before…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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