Betrayal hurts the most

I worked my ass off for this planet for a decade.
Making friends along the way was normal, as fighting against the invaders, and criminals is not a job anyone would do solo, not even a so-called “Hero”. (I always hated being called that.)
And after many villains were defeated, and the invaders fought back, I stood exhausted on the battlefield, looking back at my friends who had my back.
I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish my tasks without them.
I wouldn’t have survived without them.
Being chosen to be THE Hero is a huge burden, and I barely remember my childhood, my parents, so I considered this group of people, these friends that went through thick and thin with me, as my family.
And now, at the end of my mission, I stand with a smile on my face, as they stab me.
I ask.
“Your role is over, no country wants a figure that is more influential than both the royals and the church.”
One of my “friends” answered.
“That….That’s it?
I wan…I wanted to retire…Live in seclusion.”
I stuttered, coughing blood.
“Because you are stupid, we know that, but not everyone believes it.
You’ve got too much influence, so you got to go.
No hard feelings…Hero.”
They smirked.
And left, but not before each one of them leaving a sword, a dagger or a spear in me.
But I was not the Hero for nothing.
Despite my lungs, spleen and liver punctured, my heart stabbed, I was still alive.
If they hadn’t had the brains to also poison me, and insert their own energies in my body, I would’ve healed naturally.
But now…
Now it’s uncertain whether I will live or die.
But still, I stood frozen, with weapons sticking out of me.
The blood trickling down from the wounds, and my orifices, being black.
I just stood, looking ahead, towards the direction they disappeared.
“Poor little lass.”
I heard a voice, then everything went black.
When I came to myself, I felt warm.
Opening my eyes, I saw that I was covered in a warm blanket, laying on the floor in front of a lit, fireplace.
It was…comfortable.
“Quite an enviable regeneration you got, young lass.
Already completely healed.”
A man said.
Sitting up, I looked to my right, and in an armchair sat a young man.
I knew him…
He was a villain we defeated…
I asked.
“Why did I save you or why did your little friends betray you?
Because we wanted to.
I wanted to save a young kid, while they wanted to get the job done.”
The man said.
I raised an eyebrow.
“You know who I am, this isn’t my first rodeo with a hero.
They always die in the end, “succumbing to their injuries” or “dying with the enemy”.
“A hero’s role is to be the hero, and nothing more” is a saying from the nobles, you “helped”.”
The man laughed.
“I was quite fooled by them…
But I couldn’t let innocent people die! Planets be destroyed!”
I said.
“Yes, the gods that blessed you would’ve taken an offence if you did that.
Quite a sad fate you heroes have.
Mighty powers, none useful for yourself.”
The man mocked.
Now what? Will you experiment on me?
The same way you did on those poor kids, and villagers?”
I asked, frowning.
“No, I told you, not my first rodeo with a hero.
I have all the data I needed already, to understand a hero’s powers and past.
And poor kids, and villagers?
They were worshipers of a new demon, and I got curious about what powers they get, in exchange of what exactly.
Nothing poor about them.”
The man shrugged.
I sighed.
“Can I …
Can I stay for a few days?”
I asked.
The wounds still hurting?”
The man asked.
“The one left by their betrayal still aches…yes.”
I said.
The man just nodded.
No matter what they did to me, I healed, but their betrayal hurts the most, and my powers can’t help with this pain…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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