Library of the forbidden books

There is a legend about an ancient dragon, hoarding all the forbidden books of the world in its library.
It is said that the dragon holds all these books in its cave, that is a magic maze filled with bookshelves, and any whom read even a line from any book will go mad, and die.
But I am a Scholar, a seeker of knowledge, of truth, I will unravel the mystery of these books, and of the dragon that guards them.
For I have found the hiding place of this legend, hidden deep within the mountains of the primeval forests, inhabited by the tribes of beasts and insects that are the natural enemy of us humans.
It took me months of preparation to get through the forest, and finally arrive at the mountains where the dragon supposedly resided.
Entering the mountain range, I found quickly the cave systems that led deeper and deeper underground.
There a wave of light washed over me, and I found myself in a humongous library.
I knew I was in the maze of the dragon, but I could help but laugh.
Finally, the books were in my sight!
Bookshelf after bookshelf was lined up and filled with forbidden books, each engraved with warning runes.
Let’s check them.
“This world is just a simulation, in this essay I will prove this, and more…”
The first one started.
“WWait… this…”
I murmured and took another book.
“Dragons aren’t real, and I will prove it, in this essay I shall prove that dragons are just accumulation of magic power, thus not real beings…”
The next book read.
“Humans are actually just puppets to the insectoids, and I will prove this to you in the following chapters…”
Another book read.
“Food is filled with poison that slowly kills us, in this essay I will prove…”
“Love is a form of punishment, and in this book I shall prove once and for all that…”
And many more absurd ideas were thrown at me, one after the other.
But I wasn’t going mad.
I wasn’t angered.
I was simply…disappointed.
“Aren’t these just…conspiracy theories?”
I sighed.
“Indeed they are, seems like you are disappointed, young truth seeker.”
A voice chuckled.
I turned around, and saw a middle-aged man walking in.
He was fairly handsome, and young looking, with short golden hair, wearing a royal blue 3 piece suit, with a red tie.
He had blood-red horns, a tail, and walked with a cane.
It was surely the dragon in its humanoid form.
“This are all but conspiracy theories…not…”
I stuttered.
“Oh, there are some religious texts in another section, extreme political ideas in other sections, and some other extreme takes on various subjects of the world.
But they are in the same line of thinking like these ones, untrue.”
He said.
“But, but…They are called forbidden books!
I expected to find hidden truths, prophecies of doom, annihilating spells, and more!”
I shouted.
“Yeah, I know you humans have that kind of vision, but in my long life, I would rather have an archmage try to master the Planetary Teleportation spell, than to have someone prove that all living beings are actually just energy, thus not alive, thus killing is not an actual action that can be done.”
The dragon said.
This, froze me.
Indeed, we are but energy, or matter, nothing more, if someone with charm and good speaking skills learnt all the information in such a book, they could justify any kind of crime…
After all, they would be acting against a non-living being, and even if they consider it living, energy can’t be destroyed, just returned to its original form…
I paled.
“Oh, you understood it.
Now imagine all these senseless ideas, being expounded in entire books, with logical fallacies that aren’t obvious.
For example, nobody could tell if someone is controlled by a small bug, even if they are sure they aren’t, they couldn’t prove it, do they deserve the status of a puppet?”
The dragon laughed.
“This…you did this to protect us…”
I said.
“No, not just you, everyone.
I am older than this planet.
Imagine my surprise that after a short nap, the empires and kingdoms around me disappeared, and humanity, beastkin and demons seemed to fall back to the primeval ages.
Then after a short inquiry, I realise it was because multiple extremist organization took it upon themselves to “liberate” the world from some sort of “shadow”.
I got the books of these organizations, all of them, and had them hidden here.
That’s how I started.
It’s been millions of years, and you small ones still pop out on average a hundred or so books of this kind a year, it’s funny.”
He laughed.
“Why not destroy it?”
I asked.
“Knowledge, is knowledge.
Like how you didn’t go mad, but rather understood how easy is to fake “truths”.
Also, causality.
These books are deeply connected to this planets history, and fate, destroying them would lead to a backlash from fate itself….that would hurt even me.”
The dragon said.
“I shall leave, and start looking for such books and bring them to you…just like how others who didn’t go mad do.”
I said.
Go, and take care, those who believe in such books have no rationality, and will die to protect their ideologies.”
The dragon said.
I just nodded and left…
This was unexpected…
I might’ve not gained anything in this library of forbidden books, but I did gain a glance at information far beyond my current knowledge…
And now, my hunt for knowledge continues…this time, for skewed knowledge.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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