The Council of Gods

In a place where space was chaotic, yet endless, time was too afraid to enter, the Gods held their usual meeting, to decide upon the fate of their universe.
These Gods were born at the same time as the universe, made of the natural laws themselves, in order to guide, regulate and control said laws and aspects.
There was an Elder God, birthed by the conscience of the universe itself, considered the universe’s will, that leads these meetings, and transmits the future trends that the universe feels like need to be taken, then they discuss is thoroughly, and decide on a course of action together.
“Thank you, Gods of the elements, seasons for your hard work.
Now for the main topic.
I have decided that the life forms of this era are failures, thus I want a complete reset.
God of Death, you shall kill all living beings, small and big, and then the God of Life will re-start the life, with a different pattern gotten from the God of Fate.”
The Elder God said.
The God of Death snorted.
“No way, you are dreaming old man.
This era barely began a few million year ago, the life forms barely had a couple civilisations rising and falling, you can’t just kill them all because they aren’t yet at a level you want.”
She said.
“They simply aren’t up to the standards.
No need for such a reaction, Ereshkigal .”
The Elder God said.
“This is a council, we decide things, not just do whatever you say.
Hebe worked for couple of eras worth of time in the void outside of time to create the life forms of this era.
Which by the way, are after your own design.
We haven’t done a thing yet to push them in a proper direction, for it was too early, and it is also too early to decide their fate.”
Ereshkigal said.
“Let’s allow everyone to speak their mind then, as you are right Ereshkigal, this is a council.
And we all want the best for the universe.”
The Elder God said.
While the Elemental Gods, and Emotion Gods are well on the Goddess of Death’s side, the warring Gods and demons were against her decision.
“I don’t want to brag, but my divinity increased by 0.000000000000000000000000001% this era already.
These life forms are warring constantly, in the most inefficient way, making my laws so much more important, which is not good on an overall level.
Ereshkigal, I watch them almost as much as you do, and I tend to wish for them to become strong enough to level our universe…but it’s not going to happen…at least not this way.”
Chiyou said.
“Let us make everyone here happy.
Ereshkigal, erase half the universe’ life, while Hebe shall create life forms in it.
This way, we can both see which of the ways is the proper one.
Letting this era bloom? Or restart it completely?
Is this an acceptable way to settle this?”
The Elder God asked.
Thank you all.”
Ereshkigal said.
“Good, then this way it shall be done.
This era will contain an older and a younger generation of life forms, and the one doing better will stand at this era’s peak.
Or maybe…they will combine?
Let’s see, this shall be interesting.
Meeting adjourned.”
The Elder God said, disappearing.
The other gods started disappearing as well.
Ereshkigal and Hebe looked at each other and smiled.
They will be again one of the busiest goddesses again…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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