Extinction Level Galactic Danger my ass, it’s just a child

I was filling out the forms from my previous mission, when my boss threw another holowatch, and a new mission popped up.
“This is…”
I murmured.
“Galactic Extinction level danger, you are our most veteran problem solver, so despite legally, the bureau needs to give you free days equivalent to the duration of your previous mission, we still need to choose you.”
My boss said.
“Solo or do I get a helper?”
I asked.
She sighed.
“Solo, a helper would be indeed good, but nobody in the bureau is willing to take on the mission, so they would just be a liability.
After all, only a few can survive such a mission…and you…”
She said.
“And I survived 9, and this will be my tenth.
The planet is a forest one, so I need an all-purpose robot to carry my supplies and do the scouting.
I need my usual resources for this, and the information about the entirety of the flora and fauna of the planet.
You have one week, otherwise it would be even harder to accomplish.”
I said, standing up, stretching.
“A week?
All resources are readied,  and the information will take about a few hours to upload to your personal watch.
You go tonight.”
She said.
“So afraid of an egg?”
I sighed.
She just nodded.
I shook my head.
“I worked here for a long time, you know that, right?”
I asked.
“You were doing these mission, even before the bureau was established, I am aware.”
She nodded.
“This is not the first time a race that was seen as dangerous goes almost extinct, and not the first time when their remnants popped up.
Are you sure it’s okay for us to decide who should live and die?”
I asked.
“The Empire sent their directive, and it’s not that complicated, it’s a “either them or us” situation.”
My boss shrugged, and left.
I shook my head.
At night, I left for the planet with my trust hut-ship.
Yeah, I was laughed at, but what can I do?
An old friend shaped my ship into a hut back in the early days, when both him and I were just fledglings and it kind of stuck with me.
But despite its looks, this ship came from a time where technology was far above bloodlines, spiritual powers or martial arts and the such.
So, in but a mere few days, I was over the planet where the danger was at.
It was a planet covered entirely in forests, and lakes, the planet itself being a 1st class one, belonging to the biggest types of planets.
“Now, let the search begin…
Not like it is hard to imagine where she will be…”
I murmured, as I said to the A.I. to land besides the tallest tree, in the oldest forest from the planet.
It scanned the planet, looking for the specifications I’ve just entered.
I took a short nap until, I heard the alarm beeping…I was there.
Landing, I exited my little “hut”, and I stood in front of the towering tree, that exuded life force, and ancientness.
There, up in its lush crown, was a half-spider, half-female –human creature, chewing on the leaves, and laying eggs.
As it saw me, it screeched, shivered, and silently jumped off, but not before spewing silk over all the eggs that were laid in the tree.
“I only laid 100 eggs, and won’t lay more!
Let us live!”
She sent telepathically.
“Here, take this.”
I said, throwing her a pouch.
She caught it with her hands, and opened it, before gasping.
My inherited memories told me about this!
A golden world tree of the ancient sun elves, and…and…and the Heart of a Matriarch…”
She whispered.
“Yes, one of your ancestors.
It will make you able to give birth to other Queens, but I tweaked with it, and after eating the heart,  you will be more of a plant form than an insect.
Light, water, and mana from the surrounding will be more than enough to survive, and even evolve.
With longer lifespan, it won’t be a necessity to overhunt like your race used to do.
Also, the blood of the living creatures is like acid for this mutation…”
I said.
“So, basically, you neutralised all the elements that made my race hated…
She asked.
“You are but a child, born a few days ago…
I am cruel, but I have my limits.
Farewell. And learn from your ancestor’s mistakes.”
I said leaving.
Returning to the HQ, the planet was scanned, and the insectoid wasn’t found.
It seems she ate the heart almost as I left.
Now, she was of a new race, so I don’t know if I did justice to her…
Extinction Level Danger my ass, she was but a child…
I couldn’t possibly hurt such a young one…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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