Fate’s got a writer’s block

Every universe is filled with laws that govern certain aspects of existence.
Be it material or ethereal ones, they are all important for the proper functioning of the cyclic lifespan of it.
The universe would cease to exist, if these laws weren’t regulated, if they weren’t helped, supported or strengthened from time to time.
This support, strengthening, or help for the laws comes from beings birthed by the laws themselves, or from beings whom mastered certain laws.
In a certain universe, such a being is The Bard of Fate, a wandering entity that sings songs about events that happened, happen and will happen, and their songs are fate’s manifestation.
Whatever they sing about will happen, or have happen or happens right now.
Without the Bard’s enchantment, and help, the laws of fate are too fickle, too random, and might cause chaos and destruction.
That’s why this universe’s greatest crisis didn’t come from outside invasions, nor from collision with other universes.
It’s greatest crisis wasn’t from infighting, or eternal wars or uprisings.
The greatest crisis was the day when the Bard announced that he hit a wall, and can’t compose anymore.
The entire universe shuddered, literally, and countless waves washed over it.
Planets moved from their orbits some more some less.
People have had their personalities change, altered, or some simply…died.
Many were frozen in space and time, as if fate forgot about them, and they weren’t in its flow anymore.
Only the strongest experts, and gods and other beings of the law were able to move unfettered, but even they were affected in various ways, after all, fate encompassed their own laws development as well.
Despite being so strong, they were affected,  such some went right when wanting to go left, some de-aging instead of aging, some randomly changing gender and so on.
Now, that fate was free, unguided, it did everything and nothing at once.
The mighty figures rushed to search for the Bard, but the Bard was a wandering entity, walking the universes void, planets, stars, and more for inspiration, for spreading their stories, their songs.
How could they find them?
Well, they found them…on a dying star…drinking alone as they stood at the star’s edge.
What happened?”
The manifestation of Death walked up to the Bard, and asked.
“I was singing about the universe’s evolution, our growth, our demise…you know the usual infinite variations?
My inspiration is just as endless, as the possibilities of something developing, just as infinite as the threads of fate one can unlock…
And now…all I hear is silence…”
The Bard sighed, gulping down large amounts of wine.
“Only the usual few thousands are dreaming about the death of the universe…
It shouldn’t be near.”
The Dream, another sibling chimed in.
“The fire is strengthening, and so is the light, we shouldn’t be running out of time.”
The Fire and Light manifestation said.
“Time…Time is plenty and not enough….so nothing changed.”
Time also nodded.
“What? Obviously…
Oh, you loafs of bread! You misunderstood me!
Fate is still yapping in my head, no worries about that…
This is worse!
I…have no words to say fate’s endless versions…”
The Bard said, emptying a gourd, and taking out another.
The other entities around him didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
The situation was serious, but not that serious.
It wasn’t that fate went haywire, but rather…
Rather that Bard of the Fate…got a writer’s block.
“Come, let me take you to a place of great beauty, it appeared recently due to fate’s randomness…ahem, uniqueness.”
Death said.
“I have a new wine I just brewed I want to show you. It looks like a dragon, will need to hunt him if you want to drink it.”
Dream laughed.
“I know of a place, lost in time…only women remain there…”
Time murmured.
Each of the manifestation tried to think of ways to give inspiration to the Bard.
For a writer’s block won’t pass if you don’t experience something new…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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