Superheroes, the free workers of the evil

While the people cheered as the superheroes fought off the gargantuan beasts, and machines a certain supervillain sent to their world, the villain in question was enjoying a glass of wine.
“Master, your plan was a success!
This is the 9th city destroyed, and they still cheer for their victory!”
A half-lizard half-monkey like creature shouted.
“Indeed, the heroes have won the battle, but at what cost?
Their communication systems are down, the water system is almost completely damaged, the infrastructure on a general level is in chaos.
The death toll will keep increasing for the next few months and even years.”
The villain chuckled, as he sipped the wine.
“Yes, although, I feel sorry for the beasts we lose.
They cost us quite the resources to manufacture.”
The creature sighed.
The villain on the other hand shook his head.
“Not at all, the creatures are just mutated beasts from our own system.
I can’t get many of them at a low price from those who grow them, all the while I just send them to wreck-havoc, weakening the planet.”
The villain said.
“Great plan as always Master!
How long do you think until we conquer this planet?”
The creature asked.
“Hmm, a couple of decades at worst.
The planet is rich, but wrongly used, with a bit of proper care, it can be a 2nd grade resource planet.
It will be our first planet, and our headquarters after leaving the family.”
The villain said.
“But Master, you haven’t been in a battle with them for years now…
What if they realise what you are doing?”
The creature asked.
“So what?
They are superheroes, they can’t ignore my creatures, so they will fight.
And during the fight, they will destroy everything in their way to stop the creature and “protect” the innocent.”
The villain laughed.
“Last time, there was one who kicked the monster away from the city…”
The creature started.
“Don’t be so afraid, Monte!
It’s rare for us to get free labourers.
Look at their news!
They are sung as heroes, yet the damages are racking up, soon they will have to burden those “innocent” people in order to pay for the repairs.
They will get revolts, and unsatisfied populace, and the superhero society will slowly crumble.
It’s a slow process but worth it.”
The villain said.
“Superheroes, the free workers for the evil…”
The creature murmured, while the villain laughed.
They continued sending monsters to varied cities, and watched as their battle with the superheroes left everything in shambles…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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