First task as an exorcist

Walking up to the balcony, I watched the stars shining in the clear night sky.
“Father, I succeeded.”
I said.
“I am proud of you, Isabella, I knew you could become an exorcist!
Hah, it’s been some time since someone from our family became one.”
My dad laughed.
“It’s been an interesting journey…”
I chuckled.
So many hours reading books, tomes, perusing ancient scrolls and visiting ruins to learn more about spirits, demons, shadows and other entities.
It was hard, it was tiring…and it was dangerous but…
I loved almost every single moment of it.
“Yes, I can believe that!
So many things to learn, so many places to visit.
Have you seen mountain deities?
Have you contracted a good familiar yet?”
My dad asked.
“The final ceremony was held by a friendly mountain deity, she was a 10 tailed divine fox.
There was where I got my first familiar, a four tailed azure fire fox, she’s the great-great-granddaughter of the deity.”
I said.
“That’s amazing!
You have the opportunity to reach the level of an elder!
I am so proud of you…
Your mother? Have you seen her?”
He whispered.
“Yes, she was there, but then left on different missions…
Ever since…you know, she’s always been working.”
I sighed.
“Enjoy your life, you are still young, I want you to have a family, not just your job.”
My dad said.
I started to tear up.
Crying silently.
But the head-pats, the hugs, the silly jokes I was used to, never came.
The reason was simple.
It was the same reason I didn’t boast, and show-off my familiar in his presence.
My dad sighed.
“It’s time, Isabella.
It’s cruel, and I am sorry…”
He started.
“It’s not your fault!
Your soul was just stronger than the normal ones!”
I shouted.
To be your first spirit that you exorcise…should I be happy or sad?”
He smiled.
I…I could answer.
“Just do it, little Bella, I will be watching from far beyond.
Who knows, maybe one day you can summon me as a guiding spirit!”
He laughed.
I nodded, wiped my tears and took out a talisman.
“Farewell, dad…
Have a smooth journey.”
I said, purifying him.
He started to shine, and fade away.
“Don’t let this wear you down, Bella…
I love you, and know, that I was always proud of you…”
He said as he disappeared.
I cried…
My first task as an exorcist went smoothly…too smoothly, yet I doubt there will be anything more painful than it…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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