Judgement of the lawless city

Hermes was a city of the underworld, of the shadows, a place where light and law had no place.
A humongous city, housing tens of millions of inhabitants, from all walks of the life, with a mockery of law enforcement in it, as the rulers of the city where always the same: gangs, and families of notoriety.
Each gang, each family, each boss, each establishment has fought and spilled blood for the right to control a region, a street, a certain product and more, in this city.
Everyone was a potential ally, and potential enemy, such things as fairness, loyalty was non-existent around these parts.
But the men and women, the creatures of the night, and other entities around these parts, were still that, entities, living beings, and they had their needs.
Restaurants, clinics and schools were neutral ground, this has been agreed by all the forces, small and big.
And now, all these forces, big and small, have gathered, by the means of representatives, in a beautiful hotel, to have a talk.
There were three families, that were towering over the other, due to their heritage, and connections to others cities as well.
“You lot must’ve heard about it already.”
The representative of one of the great three started.
“Someone has cleansed an entire hospital, that broke one of the few rules we have here.”
Someone nodded.
Another representative smashed their chair.
“One? They killed women, kids alike. Nurses, doctors alike. They burnt down the place, wasting countless medicine.
That’s an offence on at least 5 fronts to us!”
They shouted.
Everyone nodded, and gritted their teeth or frowned.
They were criminals, killing, blackmailing and worse are on daily basis to them, but they have certain bottom lines.
At least in their own city, the women and kids have certain protection, and killing or raping them is off the list, punished by death.
There are plenty of establishments if one needs a woman.
“We need to prepare for the spread of a disease in the eastern region, with that clinic out.
I am pretty sure some other city’s family is trying to infiltrate Hermes.”
One of the big three’s representative said calmly.
Everyone else frowned.
If someone dares to meddle in their businesses, they had to be either insane or powerful enough to do it without high loses…
If it’s the former, it’s good and bad, because an insane enemy is easy yet hard to handle.
But if it’s the later…it will be almost impossible to stop another family to enter the city, after all, families, gangs appearing and disappearing, is a daily occurrence here.
“I don’t care if we have to split another portion of the pie.
Murky waters are always filled with gold, we all know that, humans or not, dirty deals are a necessity.
But breaking the rules that are established by all of us, is not just testing the waters, it’s humiliating us.
They shall pay for it.”
The last of the three big one’s representative said.
At this everyone smirked.
They knew that the rise of a new family was on the horizon, but be they big or small in power, they pitied and laughed at them.
For a newcomer always has it hard in Hermes, and someone who starts on the wrong foot…
No need to imagine the trials they will face.
Judgement in the lawless city, is the highest and cruellest type of judgment.
After all, it can come even after decades of leisure…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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