Demon Superhero

I was bored.
As a mutant elemental demon in hell, I needed to run from those that wanted to: eat me, enslave or just simple train with me and also needed to run after those I wanted to do the same.
Doing so was dangerous and entertaining, until a point.
After I mastered the water elements, despite being in hell, and despite being a mutated fire elemental…I managed to take glimpse into the other elements as well.
Lo and behold, just a couple millennia later, I mastered 6 elements, with a few lesser ones being on a decent level as well.
What did this mean?
It meant I reached a level where I could take glimpses of the reality behind the veil, and take steps upon mastering laws.
This meant I needed not to participate in mindless battles, and wars anymore…which made my life boring.
Thus, after a long time of loitering around, I’ve decided.
I will visit the human world.
All the old freaks spoke greatly about it, how awesome, how colourful it is, how peaceful it is compared to hell, how easy it is to gain power and so on…
So I went to Earth, which was quite a let-down.
The human world was at war…with itself.
Nobody truly trusted anyone, not even their own blood.
It was…disappointing, as it was exactly the same as hell, just on a lower scale.
I found it frustrating, but here I could actually do something.
In hell, even if I was considered powerful, I was still a suckling compared to the true rulers of hell.
Dammit, even thinking about that they entered seclusion for tens of millions of years like it was nothing made me shiver.
But here…
Here I could run amok…
So that’s what I did.
I started to fight against the crimes, corruption and wars of the human world.
It wasn’t easy, after all, I was all alone, while humans…humans were many.
And then, for goodness sake, some idiots with superpowers appeared, and then witches, werewolves and other low level demonfolk….
Here I was, trying my best to make this world different than hell, so it will be entertaining, and it fought me back, by becoming even more hell-like.
So I intensified my efforts.
Years, over years of fighting against varied opponents, made me grow stronger, and wiser.
It made me feel…good, I learnt so much.
But, there has been something that bothered me a bit.
Unknowingly, I became something in the eyes of the humans.
They’ve labelled me as…the greatest superhero.
A demon superhero?
That’s so…wrong, yet…funny, interesting…
I will maybe play this role for a  bit more…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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