Burying the hatchet, for a day

Maximus, the Chosen Hero of the Gods was sprinting with all his might, decimating whatever foul beast, or natural obstacle might be in his path.
For he is in great hurry to reach an inn, as he got wind about the presence of a great evil: Kassius the Wind of Time’s Passing.
A soul birthed by the death of the titans, when they lost against the Gods, one that causes decay and death by his simple presence.
Kassius has been the Gods’ archenemy since primordial times, and Chosen Heros has been sent after him, none succeeding.
But Maximus knows, he can deal with him, after all, Kassius never fights with him, he always runs away.
And this time, it was even more important for Maximus to deal with Kassius.
Because Kassius rarely lands on a planet, mostly wandering the endless void, and space.
But this time, he was on a planet, in a relatively remote place, and it was close to the Festival of a Thousand Gods!
A festival to celebrate the victory and glory of the Gods!
It would be the greatest gift, and honour, if Maximus gave Kassius’ head to the Gods.
Getting closer to the inn, Maximus felt that all the villagers were missing from their houses, and were all gathered at the inn.
“That monster…
What is he doing?!”
Maximus growled, and sped up.
He was convinced Kassius was responsible for the missing villagers.
And as he got closer to the inn, he heard a great racket.
Taking out his spear, he burst into the inn.
“Kassius, you nefarious spirit that won’t die!
Today, I shall let the divine retribution fall down!”
He shouted.
People around him gasped, some screamed, some just ran away.
Balloons, and confetti flew around the inn, while a bard still continued to play a song.
Kassius, sitting at the head of a table, with a party hat on, and a cake in front of him, smiled.
“Old friend, you came to wish me happy birthday?
It’s still a bit early.”
Kassius laughed.
“You monster!
You gathered normal human beings around you, to use as meat shields?
You know what? My precision is better than last time, I can’t hit you without hitting them!”
Maximus smirked.
“Look around, you bear of a man.”
Kassius chuckled.
Maximus snorted, but still carefully looked around.
Men, old and young came back, with shovels, hoes, and knives…all pointing to him.
“Go back everyone, he’s an old friend…
A bit fiery in nature, don’t worry, I will call you back to the party!”
Kassius laughed, shooing the villagers away.
“You charmed them?
You despicable, waste of air…”
Maximus started.
“Stop the charade, and sit down, kiddo.
And yeah, I charmed them, with my manners.
I’ve been living here for 4 years now, as a medic, they grew fond of me.
No wonder though, I saved many of their lives.”
Kassius chuckled.
“Why shouldn’t I just impale you?”
Maximus said..sighing.
After all, his spear already went in and out of Kassius’ forehead, yet the latter just continued to eat his cake.
“You know why the gods you worship and serve, don’t come personally after me?”
Kassius asked.
“Because you are beneath them.”
Maximus answered.
“Yeah, they do live high up in space, but not only that, because I am literally a curse, a wish, a desire, and hatred given life.
All those enumerated above target the Gods.
Believe me, throwing me in any God’s kingdom, would make it crumble in minutes.”
Kassius said.
“You say like that doesn’t happen to…”
Maximus wanted to say something, but looking around, he sighed.
“Yep, my powers are inactive, when in the mortal realm.
Well at least, I can keep them like that, unlike  when I am in the presence of a God, where my very being is toxic to them.”
Kassius said.
“So that’s why…”
Maximus murmured.
“Yep, that’s why you innately hate me, and fear me.
You are half a god due to their many blessings, after all.”
Kassius nodded.
Maximus sighed, and sat down.
Kassius smiled.
“Bury the hatchet?”
Kassius said.
“For a day.”
Maximus said.
“Bring back the villagers bard, we shall party!”
Kassius shouted.
“Happy birthday…you demon.”
Maximus said, downing a pint of beer.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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