For her, I shall even forgive

In a world filled with supers, it’s hard to come from a single parent family.
Not because I lacked love, on the contrary, mom gave me everything I needed.
But it’s hard because the world is still the same, trying to drag down those who are happy with what they have.
My mom’s powers were average, telepathy with her specialising in reading, and influencing emotions.
So, it was not a surprise she was working at a governmental institutions for checking the mental state of the superheroes, and citizens alike.
It was a good job, but she worked so much.
Usually, one awakened their powers at 16, so I was really eager to turn  16, and start helping her.
But it was hard…
Being bullied, I didn’t care, it was normal, you get used to it, and they get bored of it.
But having our car destroyed because the supers were careless hurt us…
I had to walk to school, because the bus wasn’t coming to our street…
I took it as extra training, as they say a stronger body, has higher chances of awakening a stronger power.
It was hard for mom, and the people around us always tried to make her remarry, for my sake, for hers, and so on.
They would even try to convince me in talking to mom about it, saying that it must be hard for me, growing up without a father.
My answer is always the same.
“I might not have a father, but I have the best mom!”
I would say, and they would blush and smile, and drop the topic.
Soon, I knew I was different, and weirder than the other kids.
They all wanted to be superheroes, or to use their powers for greatness, but I wanted something simpler.
I wanted to help mom, and make her life easier, so I prayed for a superpower that would help me do so.
And when I was 14, I started working at the local library, at least part time.
The old man there was friendly, and I often spent my time there, as he was one of the few who I’ve seen being nice to mom.
It was helpful, as I could pay for my meals, while mom could finally save some money, and start looking for a better neighbourhood, a better home…
And then, tragedy struck.
My mom was attacked by a “hero” who didn’t like her diagnosis.
She was in a half-dead state, with only a miracle being able to save her.
I was still only 15…still powerless…
I rushed to the hospital, where I saw her…
Half her body was crushed…
Indeed, it was a miracle she was still alive.
I went next to her, and hold her hand.
“Everything will be fine.”
I said, tried not to cry.
“Yes, everything will be fine.
Son…don’t be bitter, I knew that this might happen one day and I still did it.
I only regret that I won’t see you smile when you fall in love for the first time.”
She whispered.
“You will see it…”
I mumbled.
“Yes, from up above…
I hope you will be happy, my son, and don’t be angry, the heroes are also humans…just like those without powers…
Live your life, and enjoy it…”
She said, smiling.
I nodded, and grasped her hand tighter.
It was powerless, and was getting cold.
My mom died with a smile on her face…
The next day, I went on to work at the library after school.
I couldn’t be home…everything reminded me of her.
The old man said nothing, and behaved like before, but I could feel his gaze more often than before…
And is fate was mocking him it happened, almost a full year before it was normal.
He broke down, crying and laughing.
“You’ve awakened a great power, young man.
I hope you will do good with it.”
The old man said, appearing behind me.
“Isn’t this cruel?”
I asked the old man.
“I would like to say that time heals all…but that would be just as cruel.”
The old man sighed, patted my shoulder and went back to his usual chair, to read.
I took out a handkerchief and blew my nose.
“This power…
Basically it tells me to become a villain…”
I murmured.
Indeed, I awakened an amazing power…the power of time.
I can reverse time, steal and add time to others and me as well…
Of course, in mere nanoseconds, and seconds right now, but with training…
I could look at some, and make them age or de-age….
“Would you like to work at a flower shop?”
The old man suddenly asked.
“I would love to.”
I smiled.
My power would make plants bloom faster, and it would be the perfect training.
“No revenge can be found in your smile, you are a good one, young man.”
The old man said, giving me a phone number.
“No…my mom was a good one.
And for her…I will do anything, even forget about this hatred…”

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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